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  1. Andy, which 5 famous people, dead or alive do you think your vision of Constantine would invite to dinner (or a pint down the local)?
  2. Anybody know anything more about this story from LITG (when is it due to run? Will it be a miniseries, or part of Hellblazer self?): "Ian Rankin is an Alan Grant fan and they met for the first time - Mr. Rankin had just received confirmation that he can go ahead with his "Hellblazer" story, likely to be a seven issue arc based in Hell - with a brief appearance for Rebus at the Hell bar. " http://www.comicbookresources.com/columns/...cgi?column=litg
  3. Andy: I'd prefer short stories and one-off issues for Hellblazer. If it has to be a long arc, then something along the format lines of Judge Dredd: The Pit would be great- (One long arc under a single title, split into shorter stories and sub titles). Which artists will you be working with? Who would you most like to see drawing your rendition of John Constantine? Which past Hellblazer artist would you like to bring back to Hellblazer?
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