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    John Constantine, he's a sexy bastard. And even though I'm a guy I'm still attracted to him. Other then that, I'm an illustrator/graphic designer student. Waiting to make my mark.
  1. I think I just got more confused reading everyone's post and then reading #226. I think I need to work the corner again and get the issue's I've missed. Me Love you long time.
  2. I really didn't care for the movie but the movie effects were awesome. Go team FLDS!
  3. Zatanna

    Hellblazer #219

    Wow, another great story another great read. I'm in love with an Englishman.
  4. Zatanna

    Hellblazer #217

    Well, I'm still liking what I'm reading. So, there's nothing wrong with where the book's going now. Because John Constantine is still going STRAIGHT TO HELL!
  5. Now if that's Tim Bradstreet I missed a day ago I'll be damned. I'm going to have to do some mindswipes pretty soon. Speaking of #215, that was awesome. Like everyone else though, I too did get confused at the angel part, but then the magicians in the back of the club waiting to beat the shit out of John really got my knickers tied in a knot. I say f'em all, John Constantine!
  6. Whoa! I'm back? Anyways, the latest Hellblazer that came out rocked my sox.
  7. Ugh, haven't been around much, but I agree with you. I hope she gives John the finger as well.
  8. Oh wow, haven't posted in a while, but who should've played Constantine? Well, I would pick someone who isn't pretty. But can pull off a sexy I want to smoke and screw you later look. Russel Crowe can pull that off, but he's too old. I would agree with the most of you on Jude.
  9. Hello, it's been sometime since I've posted on this board. But I've been a devoted fan even when I don't post. Anyway, I was watching David Letterman last night at Keanu Reeves was a guest, and like all actors/tress's do is promote their movie during the opening week, he was promoting Constantine. Keanu seems a little light on how I perceive John, I mean...look at John, you would think he'd have a combination of a raspy/fine hypnotic dead beat I want you to be my daddy voice. I don't know, it's coming out on Friday, but I saw Papa Midnite in the scene, it looks pretty good so far.
  10. Sounds reasonable. I'm in! Lou...we're all meeting at Shaftsbury.
  11. Zatanna

    Hellblazer #204

    I feel kind of bad for John, he has a f**ked up life all this shit happening to him. Well, speaking of lives, I know how to mindwipe!
  12. I commented on what I don't want to see happen, but the fact that there is going to be a movie sounds fun..... Pawsdnim lla daert sredaer!! :: gets tickets to watch the movie. ::
  13. Alright Lou, remember what happened in Indentity Crisis, because honestly...I didn't read it. pawsdnim!
  14. Tim Bradstreet, Just wanted to say, that your work on Punisher and Hellblazer are phenomenal. Please, keep up the good work or I'll work some magic on your @$$! Honestly, I mean that. I love you though in a fan-like way. Zee.
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