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  1. Yakko Smakko & Dot present...

    I heartily second Ade's recommendation for Only Lovers Left Alive. Currently rivaling The Act of Killing, Before Midnight and (a little behind those others) 12 Years A Slave as my favourite of 2013. Some great horror so far this year - VHS 2, A Field in England, Byzantium (boy, was that amazing), Cheap Thrills, We Are What We are and many others I am definitely forgetting.
  2. Librarians, Liberals and Lesbians*

    Haven't been back yet. Due back for the second blood test in two weeks.
  3. Librarians, Liberals and Lesbians*

    Reading Mary Russell's The Sparrow and quite enjoying it. What if the Jesuits were the first to send a manned mission to meet and greet alien life?? A propulsive and (thankfully) non-preachy read with some very well-drawn and sympathetic characters.
  4. Vertigo back on the ledge

    I agree with Christian - Trillium #1 was fucking great. That combined with somewhat familiar but very strong work from Snyder on The Wake as well as a promising first issue of Collider gives me some hope re: Vertigo's future.
  5. The Man of Steel

    Mark, you seen it yet? Opinions?
  6. The Man of Steel

    This article articulates what bothers me about the whole destruction porn aspect of all these blockbuster movies. It's the PG 13 rating. On one hand they want to make serious movies about serious topics including terrorism and apocalypse but on the other hand they want to make it OK for kids to go. So they enter this weird grey zone where they depict city-wide massacres but aren't allowed to show the physical or emotional fallout of such violence. As the writer says, it's OK for them to show the death of thousands of people but only if it happens mostly off-screen. Classic have your cake and eat it too. It just leaves you hollow. It doesn't have the pop kick of genuinely 'comic book' style violence (a la the Donner Superman movies) but neither does it have the sobering effect of more visceral depictions of violence. Just leaves one feeling hollow and vaguely dissatisfied. These are generalizations, of course, but I've found that they hold true for me through most of the blockbuster films of the last decade or half decade. I'm not saying superhero movies need to be gory and horrific but I do think that if they choose to go with the PG-13, they need to tailor their stories accordingly, the way Donner (and Singer) did. You can't have movies about globally scaled terrorism and cataclysm and then proceed to sterilize the whole damn shebang. http://blogs.indiewi...s-pg-13-problem
  7. The Man of Steel

    This is the crux of the matter right here. We've come to the point where the screenplay is pretty much the most irrelevant, dashed-off, shoddy, thoroughly compromised and cooked up by committee aspect of most big budget films. It needs to be one of the strongest elements in every film - the foundational one, if anything.
  8. The Man of Steel

    If the action stuff is anything like the standard CGI-heavy, thoroughly anonymous apocalypse that is now a feature of pretty much every single summer movie then Balthy's review isn't very encouraging. I was hoping for mood (as opposed to portent), inspired visuals and/or character to make the film for me. I am utterly sick of 'action' as defined by summer blockbusters - bland, bloodless, generally incoherent PG-13 destruction without an iota of emotional fallout. There's only so many explosions and epic punches shrugged off by godlike beings/robots/etc that I can take without it getting mind-numbingly rote and only so many times I can see London/NY/Paris get razed without the spectacle becoming completely meaningless. Cranky in my old age.
  9. 10th of May (and weekend)

    Could we get the playlist?
  10. Librarians, Liberals and Lesbians*

    Well, given the book's title, you can't exactly be faulted for thinking of the Arabian Nights. The style isn't flowery or anything but the story and characters are strongly evocative of Middle Eastern mythology as well as the popular worldwide conception of said mythology (which isn't quite the same thing, of course). Carey's clearly done his research or has - at least - managed to fool me into thinking he has. It also has that 'nature of stories/myth' meta feel that Carey and Gaiman often return to (the latter to a fault). It's done very well here.
  11. Librarians, Liberals and Lesbians*

    I liked the style just fine. Carey's usual well-paced and eminently readable approach.
  12. Librarians, Liberals and Lesbians*

    All should read Mike and Linda Carey's The Steel Seraglio. Absolutely cracking read. Feminist (sort of), humanist (very), historical (kindof) fantasy. And yes, that's our Mike Carey. The most entertaining book I've read in a while and not exactly lacking in depth either.
  13. Yakko Smakko & Dot present...

    Amen to that. Pointless and stupid.
  14. Yakko Smakko & Dot present...

    Probably not. I thought the movie was a big sucking void that pulls funny into it, never to be seen again. Can't wait for the new season of Arrested Development to erase from my memory all the various things Jason Bateman has done in the last few years. Am psyched for The Evil Dead, Ade. Your semi-positive take only strengthens that. Is it out already in the UK?
  15. Group Hug

    Best typo I've ever made.