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  1. I remember reading something about Liev Schreiber being one of the possible candidates but it seems to be thats just heresay and rumourmongering.
  2. Yes and he will probably be played by Rob Schneider too.
  3. Just a shame Soundwave never made it into the film but then again him transforming into a cassette recorder is a bit of a dated idea now. They'd have to make him transform into an Ipod these days. Or probably a mechanical prawn given the crusteacan theme Michael Bay seems to be following.
  4. Kris

    The Walking Dead

    Well, issue 33 was a predictable inevitable mess of an issue wasn't it? I was expecting this type of issue to come along when Michonne said she was crying thinking of all the things she was going to do to the Governor way back in issue 29. Are we to expect a freakish disfigured Governor to rally up his troops and try and mount an attack on the prison now then which will unleash the hordes of zombies outside into the prison then cue a mad dash escape by Rick and co?
  5. Seen a few pics of Megatron and Skorponok from this movie and i have to say "since when did the Decepticons become the Crusteaconicons?" :wacko: Megatron looks like a fucking mechanical lobster
  6. Kris


    Stopped buying this after issue 2. Utter Garbage. There's my review.
  7. I feel kind of sorry for John Constantine though, from the horror he endured in Hell at the hands of Nergal and The First Of The Fallen to the horror of Glasgow neds. From Chas to Chav....
  8. Got to say i quite like this cover, its funny seeing neds/chavs on a Hellblazer cover too it has to be said, would have quite liked to have heard the conversation between Mina and Lauren where Mina explained to Lauren what a "ned" actually is. He seems to have captured the posture and uniform of the Glasgow "ned" rather well.
  9. Kris

    Big books of comics

    I been holding my response to you for a wee while until i actually got up to speed with my reading habits, as they've been lagging behind for a few weeks... It was well worth the money, it basically tells the story of Pekar's younger days growing up in Cleveland and goes into detail about his education, his preoccupations with street fighting and record collecting and all the various jobs he has had. Would make an excellent film too if it ever got made, just like American Splendor was.
  10. Kris


    I bought all the trades but have never had time to read any of them because i have been so bloody busy recently but finally got round to reading Devil In The Gateway two nights ago at work. He's a charming, manipulative and deceitful bugger is Mr. Morningstar...going to start reading the second trade tonight.
  11. 10/10 for it myself, read it three times now and been mightily impressed, it certainly does read more like a Jamie Delano-penned tale than the kind of thing Mike Carey would normally do, however Mike Carey has written some cracking stand alone issues during his run of Hellblazer so yet another great story doesn't come as any surprise and not a demon in sight to be seen although Kenny Nelson seems like he might have been created by Satan himself. The artwork wasn't a problem for me, it worked well with the mood Carey was trying to capture with this story but i wouldn't want to see Frazer Irving do the artwork all the time plus i don't think John Constantine really deserves to have an elongated Jimmy Hill chin or an Edward and Tubbs from League Of Gentlemen-esque nose after all he has been through in Hell.
  12. Our music tastes will scarily similar as well i remember too.
  13. Nah the Marv story was retitled "The Hard Goodbye". "A Dame To Kill For" was the story that featured Dwight before he got his plastic surgery due to his ex-girlfriend Ava doublecrossing him and her lover Damien Lord and shooting Dwight in the face with a gun and has a classic scene where Marv extols the virtues of Merle Haggard's country and western songs whilst Dwight is clinging onto his destroyed face....and that will hopefully feature in the next Sin City movie where "A Dame To Kill For" will be the prominent storyline.
  14. When you say you enjoyed "A Dame To Kill For", do you mean the short introductory scene at the beginning with Josh Hartnett and Marley Shelton based on the short story "The Customer Is Always Right"?....or are you meaning the graphic novel of "A Dame To Kill For"?
  15. Mojo - I said a while back on IMDB during the making of the film that my choice for the role of Bob would've been Phillip Seymour Hoffman, i think he could express Bob's awkwardness in that uncomfortable situation he has with Hartigan in those first couple of frames of That Yellow Bastard because of the fact that Hartigan uses his physical prowess to loom over Bob and intimidate him during that scene but that is just not evident in the first scene of the film which is why all these divisive opinions amongst us are appearing. James- I don't think its particularly fair to begrudge Madsen for sending the film on a downer when he is only in the film for a maximum of 4 very brief scenes which total to about maybe 5 minutes worth of screen time, its Rodriguez's and Miller's mistake for casting Madsen in a role that definitely wasn't suited for him. Spider - In hindsight though, did you enjoy the film as a whole?
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