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  1. Safe to say this won't be marketed outside the USA eh? :rolleyes:
  2. I think we all at times both assert this and have this asserted about us. I know I have. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Sorry, Timmy, have I implied that you're a moronic lowlife? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Not that I am aware of. I wasn't being specific. Just noting that we all fall short at times.
  3. I think we all at times both assert this and have this asserted about us. I know I have.
  4. NO SEQUEL. PLEASE. My fiance is a tiny, beautiful Vietnamese nurse who reads no comics. She loved the LOTR books and the films, and enjoys reading fantasy novels. Last night she says to me, "Have you seen the Sin City trailer?" She had this look of delight in her eyes. I asked her, "what did you think, do you want to see it?" She said, "Yes, it looks awsome!" I don't think stereotyping women works very well these days.
  5. I am ready for a change in direction. A new voice. She sure is nicer to look at than those other Scots. :p
  6. Ummm... wouldn't it be just as much of a "sacrifice" if he died from a spear wound as from crucifiction? I fail to see the great distinction. In both cases (assuming you buy the whole myth, that is ;) ) Jesus voluntarily chose to allow himself to be crucified. THAT was the sacrifice. The technicality of the death wouldn't change that. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Perhaps you are right Red. I may have been doing a bit of theologizing. I just see that today, with the ilk of the Jesus Seminar and the Neo-Gnostics attempting to thwart orthodoxy (not Eastern Rogan) it is important to know that Jesus was in control of even the timing of His own death so that there is no room for error.
  7. Actually Rogan, according to John 19:30-37 Jesus was already dead when the soldier pierced His side. This is important because it demonstrates that Jesus voluntarily gave his life , it wasn't taken. Sorry if this messes up any pseudo-Catholic extra-canonical myth like one finds in The Da Vinci Code for anyone.
  8. I guess I can only relate to the actor Leary while you seem to focus on the comedian Leary. I'm not big into comedy so I don't know a whole lot about it. But from what I have seen of him as an actor, I still think he would be great in the role.
  9. The reason I whi....erm...bitc...erm... complain about the "Holy Shotgun" and the "Holy Brass Knuckles" is because they are STUPID FREAKING GIMMICKS! PERIOD! I don't care if John was a pistol toting, butt-kicking, tough guy. The idea of stupid holy relics needed to deal with demons is...well...STUPID! This movie needed more Exorcist and less Van Helsing.
  10. *affects little boy face and quiet little simpering voice of John Stewart* "Well...I...like...heem.... :icon_frown: "
  11. Have any of you caught Leary's show on FX? I can't think of the name right now but I have seen several episodes and Leary is great. Even nominated for an Emmy I believe. He could have easily pulled off JC's smarmy humor, deep likability under a veneer of hardness, the whole shebang. Certainly would have been better than Keanu. Plus Boston has a much better connection to the occult than LA. At least they could have given the Irish Catholic Leary a much better back story and then placed him in LA. There are just more possibilities. And it would have kept down production cost. The FX shows have just as good if not better production values as Hollywood most of the time.
  12. Not necessarily. The Spear of Longinus was needed for spiritual reasons to open the gate not to pierce Mammon. It certainly would have done some damage to Angela however. Just because the film portrayed Mammon "physically" stretching Angela's belly all out of whack doesn't means it was "physical". See other great gate crossing flicks like Ghostbusters to get the gist of what I am saying. I am thinking specifically about the one with the "real bad dude" coming through the painting. Gate and Portals have more to do with dimensional motion from one state of being into another. Sometimes film psuedo-metaphysics portray this as a moment of vulnerabliity, sometimes this state is portrayed as ethereal and therefore physically untouchable. I believe the latter is the case in the film. But it doesn't really matter. Why argue about it. It was just a film, and a KA-RAPPY one at that.
  13. I saw it last weekend and so far Johnny Cali's comments are closest to how I feel about the film. It did look nice in many places but that is about all the credit I can give it. Keanu was wooden as usual and just doesn't have ANY gravitas that this role needed. The mythology is lame and gimmickyand JC comes across as on Heaven's team which we all know he isn't. Since Gabriel was fairly true to the comic and reflected the Ennisean mythology, John should have recoiled at the Nazi-like mind set of Heaven, but the writers instead chose to make Gabriel's perspective the exception not the Heavenly norm and therefore made Gabriel out to be the real bad guy in the film. All in all this movie falls in line with: End of Days Stigmata Bless the Child etc. just as I thought it would. Plus...the Holy Freakin' Brass-Knuckles? Give me a break.
  14. British Con-Job American Con-Job set in Boston Chas With Guy "Lock-Stock" Ritchie directing
  15. I cant believe I am going to wade into a discussion of this film but here goes. So far it seems the posters in this thread are thinking in terms of a human birth, thus we assume the womb would have to be merely cut open to release the baby Mammy. But in reality Angela was a gate which once pierced, no matter how forcefully, would have permitted Mammy entrance to our world. So if Angela died in the process it would be no matter and of course little Mammy wouldn't be harmed by any material weapon just as bullets were only minor distracions to the various demons/devils in the film. Now if Gabe had a pair of "Holy Brass-Knuckles" or the *GASP* Holy Shotgun...it would have been a different story.
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