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  1. Akhira


    I have. Didn't much like it. Immensely forgettable, but a decent to kill an hour or so in the afternoon if you're half asleep and don't really want to sleep. Didn't Aaron Eckhart find any better roles than this? Were they trying to recreate Van Helsing? If so, they failed miserably.
  2. Akhira

    Anyone going to SDCC ?

    I love the fact that they have hellfire optional as part of the cosplay dress code.
  3. Akhira

    Dare Devil - Criminal Intent

    I loved Vincent in Law & Order. Sold twice over. He can stare (scare) everyone into submission except for DD (for obvious reasons) :wink:.
  4. Akhira

    X-Men: I'll be Back to the Future

    Hasn't anyone else seen this yet. I loved it. X-men:DoFP fixes almost all mistakes made in the X3 and the reboot. ([ Spoiler : Except giving us a better Cyclops. ])
  5. Akhira

    Grimmsville: A new podcast

    Thanks guys. I was worried how it'd sound like, since I'm not too fond of my voice. Mark: I've got only a vague plan at the moment and some ideas for the next few shows (which have been delayed due to life and stuff as usual). The next one should involve the frog prince and possible descendants? Red: Good advice. There's something weird about the headset that I used, where it suddenly decides to not record anything but static in-between, which is why I may have held the mike to close. You're also the first and only person who noticed my slight German accent. :wink:
  6. After messing around (and beating my head on walls) for weeks I've finally made Podcast. 1. Sleeping beauty What do you guys think?
  7. Akhira

    Man of Steel vs Daredevil

    That tagline makes less sense, the more you look at it.
  8. Akhira

    Thor: The Dark World

    They were afraid Loki would take over Thor 2 completely.
  9. Akhira

    Thor: The Dark World

    That was so much fun. A rare case of sequel being better than the first film and the second act being more fun than the first.
  10. Akhira

    Man of Steel vs Daredevil

    Yup. I suspect that's the Arkham city Batman.
  11. this is my design

  12. Akhira

    Botched art...

    I also have a new blog which update about as frequently as my deviant-art page whose pictures I link here. Both blog & deviant-art link are in my signature. Just so ya know. No pressure to read. .... .... None at all.
  13. Akhira


    I like this. Especially the horror track. We do indeed need more of those.
  14. Akhira

    Attack on Titan

    Well it's [REDACTED].
  15. Akhira

    Attack on Titan

    They may have to remake it once the manga is complete, like they did for Fullmetal Alchemist.