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  1. Wow, those quoted comments about the black characters are incredbily depressing.
  2. Fuck, all I want are the Moore and Gaiman runs collected and Gaiman's run finished. The idea of new Marvelman stories put out by Marvel is yawn-inducing at least and absolutely terrifying at worst. I'm hopeful that with an entity as "big" as Marvel stepping into this issue it will help sort things out, especially since they've been so chummy with Gaiman in recent years.
  3. I actually came here just to see if anyone had posted this today! So fucking great. I guess Gaiman's "alliance" with Marvel to challenge McFarlane in all of this paid off. Can't wait to have these in hardcovers and to finally see Gaiman's run completed.
  4. Very sad news, Tim. My condolences to you and your family. As others have said, Stevhan came to personify John Constantine for me through your covers. I hope that this part of his legacy will allow his memory to live on beyond just the people who knew him personally.
  5. Me, I grew up loving everyone solely because of this...
  6. :lol: Not really, though. Children are a lot less judgmental and fixed when it comes to these things than we are. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Too true. If you teach them something is acceptable and not "wrong," boom, you've pretty much set them that way for life. Sadly, they're also just as succeptable the other way, too...
  7. I always assumed Superman aged "normally" (by comic book standards)...he's gone through child/teenage/adult years at seemingly the same pace as a regular human.
  8. Man, finally, someone is able to say what I can't. Ennis' take seems like a bad joke...for me, the Hawk & Dove by Miller seemed malicious. I'm not even sure why...I was just very taken aback by it.
  9. They're supposed to be one giant film...most of 1 & 2 were shot at the same time. Hackman never shot any new footage after the first go around for 2.
  10. Kev leaps to mine, so does (ech!) Goddess. I'm blanking on others at the moment...I just cringe in general when Ennis goes into sex-mode.
  11. TheMojoPin


    At one point, a man kicks a tank to death. Moo-hoo-ha-haaaaaaah. Sometimes, it's the simple things that are the most fun.
  12. I wonder if the critics of this film are a fan of film noir in general. Granted, SC is a much more over the top in terms of that genre's stereotypes, but it definitely fit into it nicely.
  13. Yeah, the youth thing irks me, especially since this is supposed to be 10 years AFTER the 2nd film, and the new actor looks younger than the guy playing Superboy on Smallville.
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