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  1. thats great man cheers....yeah you guessed right about me being an ennis fan spose it comes from the preacher and well some punisher.... but thanks for the help ill be sticking around the forums
  2. hey im sorry if i put this in the completly wrong place but im new. I have read comics before but never got into hellblazer until recently i read an issue or two. I normally read spawn and preacher but im interested in getting into hellblazer. Basically what this annoying post is trying to ask is would it be recommended to read the TPB versions in the following order...i kinda like to start at the beginning and appreciate the comics the way the really panned out. i was planning on reading them in this order Original Sins by JAMIE DELANO Dangerous Habits by GARTH ENNISTainted Love by GARTH ENNIS Damnation's Flame by GARTH ENNIS Rake At The Gates of Hell by GARTH ENNIS Son of Man by GARTH ENNIS Haunted by WARREN ELLIS Hard Time by BRIAN AZZARELLO Good Intentions by BRIAN AZZARELLO Freezes Over by BRIAN AZZARELLO i also noticed on the site when it listed these i said origional sins had issues 1-9 and then dangerous habits had issues 41-46. i spose im just curious as to if the issues inbetween are released in paper back form or can you only get them as individual issues. i noticed a gap later on in the series too..... well cheers to anyone who takes the time to answer it would be much appreciated thanks matty
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