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  1. WHO's that girl?

    Yeah, that's about as much of it as I was able to manage. It's beyond awful.
  2. What's going on with you?

    Naah, you're hopefully going to be stuck with me for the foreseeable. I've missed this place. I'm alright. Little of any real consequence has happened to me in the...what is it, about a year or so since I last posted here? Well, little that I'm willing to share in a public forum, anyway ;-) Malin and I own a new flat now, which we're very happy with. Both of our former cats are now sadly deceased (unrelated natural-causes deaths within two months of each other last summer, which sort of sucked), but we've got two new ones called Max and Furiosa, who are equal parts adorable and infuriating.
  3. WHO's that girl?

    This season was, while flawed, probably my favourite since 2005, and definitely my favourite since Moffat took over. The Christmas special was ace - sufficiently so that I even enjoyed the return of River, a character who I was more than ready to never see again. Hooray. Capaldi is fabulous. I like the guitar. And the sunglasses have grown on me. I'll go back and read what you lot have thought of the last however-much-Doctor-Who-there's-been-since-the-last-time-I-was-here later on. I'm curious.
  4. What's going on with you?

    Hello again. So, what did I miss?
  5. What's going on with you?

    Hello again, all. I've been away for a while, but it feels good to be back. So, what's going on with you lot?
  6. Constantine S01E13

    There's really very little more one could reasonably have asked for from that episode. It didn't feel like a finale, but as it wasn't meant to be one when it was originally written, I'm glad they didn't butcher the story in order to bring things to a forced climax just because the season was shortened. An extremely solid, surprisingly accurate adaptation of 'Waiting for the Man', with a few nice touches thrown in for us fans (4 Delano Street was a cute nod), and not undermined too badly by being interspersed with a load of other stuff developing the show's own story. That final scene between John and Manny was pretty much exactly the way I'd want to see the character represented on screen. Whatever else happens in future, we can now say that we've seen a TV show in which John Constantine asks an angel to hold his cock for him while he has a piss under a bridge and then lights a cigarette and walks off into the rain, trench coat flapping in the wind. Which is nice.
  7. Josh Trank's Not-So-Fantastic Four

    Yeah, but not especially "superhero movie" cliched, which at least makes it moderately interesting. I remain deeply sceptical, but not 100% so - it's not a bad teaser, all things considered. It's pretty obviously going to be a pretty loose adaptation of the FF, but the cast is generally strong and Chronicle really was very good indeed, so there's at least a slight chance that it could be a good movie in its own right. We'll see.
  8. There are certainly some people making a somewhat unreasonable fuss about the issue, especially given that it's apparently already resolved to as great a degree as could ever reasonably be expected, but the degree of vitriol being directed at the people who were quite understandably a bit narked about the apparent straightwashing of John seems almost comically over the top. Bisexuality remains massively underrepresented in popular media, and even though it only very rarely played much of a role in the comics it is an established facet of the character, so as one of very few bi protagonists out there it's not surprising that he's become something of a mascot. Ironically enough, there's a reasonable chance that the TV show could do a better job of representing John as a bisexual character than the comic itself ever did, and I reckon that'd be something worth celebrating. As to those supposedly attention-seeking bisexuals* making such a big noise about being bisexual...well, in my experience most sexually active bi folks *do* tend to be fairly vocally open about it, as long as they live in a place where it's safe to do so (and even if they don't, online is a pretty safe space for that). Firstly, the more visible they are as a group the more normalised and accepted bisexuality will hopefully become, and secondly...well, there aren't a great many of non-straight people out there, really. Being open about one's sexuality is a pretty important thing if one wants to maximise the chances of meeting someone of your preferred gender(s) in the first place... Thirdly, of course, there's just the simple matter of wanting to lay a claim to one's own identity in the face of a culture that's generally ignorant of or hostile towards it. That's a lot more important than most people who aren't members of an oppressed/marginalised/underrepresented minority tend to appreciate. *Full disclosure: I'm one of 'em, although not among those to whom this particular issue is especially important.
  9. There's a sentence in the above post that should clearly read "whatever else can be said of the show...", but I'm leaving it as it is simply because of how much I enjoy the fact that my phone's auto-predict assumes that the phrase "...of the..." should obviously be completed with "...Daleks". My phone apparently knows me well.
  10. That was really, really good. Given Manny's reproachful glance at the end I strongly suspect that we actually have now seen the moment of demonic tainting that will be used to resolve the Zed/Mary story, and for probably the first time so far I thought it was an unequivocal improvement over the way it was done in the comics. It'd be a shame to lose that bond of personal connection between John and Nergal, but there's still room for something else to fill that role later on, so I haven't given up hope yet. In the meantime, having John willingly taint himself in a reckless, cocky attempt to save himself rather than being blackmailed into it as a fairly noble way of saving a hospital ward full of innocent babies strikes me as an eminently Constantine-esque notion, and further evidence that whatever else can be said of the daleks show it's clearly being made by people with a stronger grasp of who John Constantine - the real one - is than I'd ever dared to hope. Like Red, I liked the way Manny was played this week. If this is how they're ultimately going to lead us towards John's more antagonistic relationship with the forces of Heaven, as seen under Ennis in particular, it'll retroactively make the "working with Manny in a bid to save his soul" stuff from the pilot a lot more palatable.
  11. WHO's that girl?

    The first conversation between Tennant's Doctor and Simm's Master in 'Sound of Drums', that marvellously homoerotically charged phone call, is a real highlight. Season 29 (shutupshutupshutup) is a favourite of mine, too.
  12. WHO's that girl?

    That was a very good episode of Doctor Who. I enjoyed it enormously. There've been some ups and downs, some creative choices that didn't quite pay off, and I've had some nitpicks and gripes both reasonable and otherwise. But even allowing for that, I think this is the first year since 2005 in which there wasn't a single episode I'd rate below "pretty bloody good". It's been a remarkably consistent season, all the more impressively so given how many risks it's taken along the way (in terms of complete reinvention the transition from Smith to Capaldi has been about as jarringly abrupt as anything the show's ever done - even knowing better it's hard to believe that Doctor Who is still being written and produced by almost exactly the same people who were in charge last year), and I can't wait to see where it's going to go next.
  13. Casting of Amanda Waller is pretty crucial for me - none of the other names cast so far give me real reason for either optimism or concern. None leap out at me as irrefutably perfect, but there are no obviously catastrophic choices either (the fact that Will Smith is a bigger star than any of the rest by several orders of magnitude does raise the worrying possibility that the whole thing will turn into a "Deadshot And His Amazing Chums" star vehicle rather than the ensemble piece it really needs to be, but in terms of pure acting ability and screen presence I don't see any reason he shouldn't be perfectly good in the role). The fact that they're apparently looking for an Oprah Winfrey rather than, say, an Angela Bassett is encouraging.
  14. Agreed, but still a definite step up from the first three - if this is the sort of standard we can expect from a relatively straightforward case-of-the-week story, it's shaping up into a surprisingly decent show. Still not brilliant, but at least on a par with the first season of Supernatural.