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  1. dunno if anyone here has posted this idea allready..but to me watchmen would be better off as a showtime series. that way they could do say 13 episode, it would be only one season so they wouldnt have to worry bout doing a second season, an each episode could be a issue. and if they got david bowie to do the music all that much better!!
  2. it would be grerat if it did run for 6 years so all of the isues could be done.....but im afraid what has been said on here is gonna be true. HBO may just decide that after 3 years to call it quits and skip the last story arc just to finish it up. :icon_mgun:
  3. well thats a nice thought then..that we can see the movie version as an alternate version of john. :icon_mgun:
  4. sorry cant help you on that one..im more of a fan of the shaddow myself. :icon_mgun:
  5. no matter how good the movies are they never live up to the comics... :icon_evil:
  6. i dont know if anyone has read any of the hellblazer novels they have out now(warlord,subterranean) but in warlord at one point john is talking bout alternate realities...an he mentions a version of himself who has dark hair, a black coat an lives in L A. :icon_mgun:
  7. has anyone played the ultimate aliance or the justic league game..an are they worth buying? :icon_mgun:
  8. be nice if they finaly finished the durham red series an put the last story line out as a graphic novel. i have the first 2 but im still waiting for the 3rd one to come out. :icon_cry:
  9. well thanks to my local comic store not geting them in all the time.. im missing the last part from creepshow, part 2 an 3 from safe house, an i think thats it :icon_mgun:
  10. ok hows this for a second movie.....we get tim roth to play constantine..an it turnrs out that keanu's version was demon pretneding to be him??? :icon_mgun:
  11. ok heres a question...we know indiana jones is still a hot property. so why hasnt anyone tried to get the license to do another comice series? star wars does well for darkhorse..maybe they should try to get it...do the comics again? :icon_mgun:
  12. im hoping they will release more of cabalistics inc as graphic novels. im missing some of the chaptersa from some of the stories still..
  13. personaly i think they still need to keep the dc an the vertigo univeres apart. dc is a super hero universe...vertigo isnt. vertigo is more a realistic world with its situations an characters. the odd crossover is fine(sandman appearing in justice league), but the two univeres need to stay apart as much as possible. i stoped buying the mainstream dc stuff years ago an concentrate on vertigo mostly now. i dont wanna see vertigo get watered down by bringing in charachters from the dc universe.... but thats just my thoughts. lol :icon_mgun:
  14. are they still doing justice league? i havent seen it on cartoon network for a looooong time :icon_cry:
  15. has anyone heard anything about another x-men movie? i thought i heard something bout gambit being mentioned . :icon_mgun:
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