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  1. Here it is: http://www.brokenfrontier.com/headlines/details.php?id=2871 It's about 1/2 way down the page.
  2. It's missing "Body and Soul" and "Mortal Clay", a two-parter that's pretty dispensible Didn't notice that. Damn. I like those stories. One of the few times that John and Chaz offically "teamed up". I still have the issues though.
  3. Just got this off brokenfrontier.com Dc collected Edition solicits for December: HELLBLAZER: BLOODLINES TP Writer: Garth Ennis Artists: Will Simpson, Steve Dillon, Mike Hoffman, Mike Barreiro, Kim DeMulder and Stan Woch Collects: HELLBLAZER #47-50, #52-55 and #59-61 $19.99 U.S., 296 pages About F#cking Time!
  4. Hi I've been a Green Hornet fan for a long time. I have most if not all the GH from the late 1980/early 90's. I have a question though. I have all of Vol. 1. I have all the various mini-series. I have issues 1-40 of vol 2. Does anyone know what was the last issue of vol. 2? Some sources say it was #40. Other sources put it at #45. Has anyone even personally seen issues #41 and up? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. I really liked the last issue of Carrey's run. I thought if the series was going to end there it was a good ending. The idea that JOhn is invited to speak about magic to a bunch of "wankers" is great. He then pulls one last con and tricks the group to remind them that for all the "magic" they control, they really(and himself to a degree) and not better then the rest of society. Then he walks off to an uncertain future hopefully without magic. This would have been a great ending to the series. First, no Mina story. Second, every writer has talked about magic as an "addiction" to John. To see him walk away from it would show him finally taking responsibility for his life and breaking a harmful addiction.
  6. First post here so be gentle. Speaking of trades, why hasn't the rest of Garth Ennis's run been collected? Whether you like it or not(the best run IMO), you have to admit it is an important part of Constantine's history. Also, why not reprint issues that came out a long time ago and therefore are harder for fans to find? In theory, a collection of harder to find issues would sell better than a trade collecting issues that just came out last year.
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