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    Peter Milligan is going back to his prime directive :-)

    Oh, hello nice comic. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/prisoner-jack-kirby-gil-kanes-unpublished-issues-be-released-1077049?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  3. Comics Shipping the Week of January 22nd 2018

    Oh my! http://comics.gocollect.com/priceguide/view/985442
  4. DC Comics

    We should call this new thing ANTIMETHEA. For that is what it will be.
  5. Other comics we read recently

    I just bought a comic JUST BECAUSE OF ITS COVER http://archiecomics.com/firstlooks1-10-18/ I have to say, the people who do Archie Comics and the TV shows have done a splendid job. Maybe THEY should be in charge of comics?
  6. Marvel's One World Order

    Oh. I sense a new Mary Sue is in the building "renowned young psychotherapist Hannah Jones" https://news.marvel.com/comics/77075/legion-journey-mind/
  7. Happy ?

    I like the end of Dirk. I found the main story subplot fantasy world too dominant. The Blackwing stuff was way better.
  8. Other comics we read recently

    Oh and I scored the last Paul Pope colour cover of Barbarella #2. Because someone had moved it to the S section of last week's releases. Presumably, distracted by a Suicide Squad they had just placed it there and wandered off. The interior artwork is somewhat Little Nemo-ish in places and Farel Dalrymple in others, which is a great blend.
  9. Other comics we read recently

    I just binge-read the first three issues and really quite liked it. Definitely more reminiscent of the better moments of Shade, rather the Abyss of Constantine. I quite like the look of some of the Black Crown stuff (*Sid Vicious as an imaginary friend and spirit Pooka is amusing and the art looks interesting enough) and the editor's notes reference Cud. So that's nice.
  10. Happy ?

    Just getting to episode 2 via illicit means. This could be the finest tribute to Trading Places ever made. Love it.
  11. Cerebus

    It's been a while. King of the unfinished series, Warren Ellis, shared this very interesting perspective (sign up to his email list) about Cerebus. " On top of that, a whole new chapter of Warren's Brain Hates Him, because for the last two weeks it's been whispering, "when you finish the three shorter comics projects on your whiteboard, why don't you do a really long monthly comics series? Dave Sim finished CEREBUS when he was, what, 46? You're 50 next month. Start a huge long series and we'll see if you die before it's done." CEREBUS is probably the single longest complete novel in the comics form. Three hundred 20-page chapters, more or less, serialised monthly from 1977 to 2004. For all its size, it's a minor work in the canon, and possibly its most prodigious act of outsider art. It began as a parody book - note that TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES started largely as a Frank Miller parody book -- aimed at the sword and sorcery comics of the time. Eighteen months or so into publishing, it is written that Sim decided to eat pretty much nothing but LSD for a week or two, suffered a mental break and got sectioned. He came out of the hospital with a vision of extending CEREBUS into a 300-episode novel. A couple of hundred issues later he developed a, ah, very personal interpretation of certain religious texts and decided women were the root of everything wrong with human culture. He began running long scriptural screeds as part of the work. The book became a sad, confused, toxic mess, as Sim seemed as if he were articulating the precise terms, ideations and experiences of his own schizophrenic break. And what had been an ambitious, famous success story of a book became, in its final issues, something that would probably have been cheaper to fax to its remaining readers. The book didn't endure -- because of all that, and because it was extremely hermetic. It was filled with references to other comics, and to comics culture. Later, as Sim read more widely, it filled with references to literature and writers. It suffers that problem of early post-modern work -- it's mostly about other people and their work, and often seems to be nothing in and of itself. And yet. Sim became Will Eisner's greatest descendant, a cartoonist and designer of exquisite skill who never stopped experimenting and innovating. He was his own letterer, and interpolated the lettering into the art until it became its own storytelling toolbox. I still vividly remember the scene of Cerebus shouting at his priest/handler, his big squared-off speech balloons acting as huge battering rams to drive the poor mewling prelate out the door. Sim's great surge forward was, it's seen, largely because he chose to focus on the characters and compositions, leaving the backgrounds to a superb artist named Gerhard who made this little black-and-white comic the richest artistic experience on the shelves. And yet. That is a six thousand page graphic novel, the sum of the protagonist's life and anything up to a third of Sim's own life. Doing TRANSMET for 5 years (1300 pages) and FREAKANGELS for 3 years (900 pages) really kind of feel like enough? I want to say FROM HELL is only 600 pages or so. 6000 pages is a Serious Thing. For a story about a talking animal that went entirely off the rails halfway through, it is still, somehow, weirdly, a high bar. Which I realise makes no sense, for something that I would never ever recommend to anybody. I think about it sometimes, and wonder. It cannot be approached or approximated on its own terms, but, creatively, it gives me to think. ++
  12. Hellblazer #16

    Not sure this merits a thread per issue these days. So I really like the variant cover for #17. And the second part makes way more sense. Raising the score to a massively underwhelming 5/10 for me.
  13. He was employed by the Parliament of Trees to keep Swampy in check, but I think they regretted it. It's one of the Swamp Thing tubers that "opened people's minds" I think.
  14. Zatanna is Natalie Dormer from Games of Thrones. Floronic Man, Jason Woodrue, a chap who fetishised plants and had science madness. He gets more planty as time goes on. By the way, that chap posted some explanations on the Twitter. His Constantine is this chap: http://www.dan-stevens.co.uk/