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  1. Comics Shipping the Week of April 16th 2018

    It's different stories. This is the next one.

    This series appears to have confounded the limits of Bonkersdom. Audrey is swinging on a star ! Linear story telling is over rated though.

    Oh I thought that was Naboo from the Mighty Boosh.

    2 episodes in. I like it.
  5. Comics Shipping the Week of April 16th 2018

    Black Hammer Mike Allred #1000 (tough choice, but https://www.tfaw.com/Comics/Profile/Action-Comics-%231000-(1960s-Variant)___564719 ) Mister Miracle #8 Highest House #3 (Yuko Shimizu) Punk's Not Dead #3
  6. Gotham

    We've had a vision of Batman, a Batmobile and now the Batman theme. Seriously, DC movies should be ready to reboot with this cast.
  7. Comics we want

    Then I will refrain from thinking of you as Cheggers.
  8. Comics we want

    This is for those odd missed comics you'd like to have. Apart from quite liking to read the Legion origins by Claremont and Sienkiweicz but not liking the art in the rest of the trade, I seem to be missing some. Let Me In 4 My inner bimbo 3 4 5 (Sam Keith) (probably just in a different box) Superman secret identity 3 (Busiek) I am hoping to start the great sorting out in the next couple of months and will have some to give away (for the cost of postage). (I'm keeping Swamp Thing and Hellblazer and Sandman comics. Probably Star Man too.)
  9. DC's Legends of Tomorrow

    Recent highlight "my name is Mallus" IE not "Mahllus"
  10. DC Comics

    Classic. I recently found some gaps in some of my Sam Kieth indie comics. Maybe they are in the wrong box.
  11. DC Comics

    Imagine them with Jock art !
  12. DC Comics

    If you don't know anyone who wants comics, you should use them to cut up and make art from. http://theinspirationgrid.com/comic-book-collages-by-mike-alcantara/
  13. Comics Shipping the Week of April 4th 2018

    Sorry: I am not going to read some Bizarro comics then.
  14. Comics Shipping the Week of April 4th 2018

    That new Curse of Brimstone thing is off to a damn fine start. Deep pan story telling. I'm going to read some Bizarro comics now.
  15. Comics Shipping the Week of April 4th 2018

    Doctor Star. Astro City. See how backwards looking I am? See how I miss the good old days? Might try that new Curse of Brimstone thing.