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  1. Comics Shipping the Week of June 11th 2018

  2. DC Comics

    How many Jesus comics are there now? Do any of them do better than The One?
  3. What Would You Put in a 30th Anniversary Collection?

    It turns out that Rich Handley, often of these parts has contributed some essays to this so at least there's something good involved.
  4. 1990s Gimmick Covers

    I really liked Fall From Grace. The first issue (319) was one of the first to not be distributed properly, including UK newsagents, and so was very scarce here. It was probably one of the first comics I bought off the internet three years later. You have to be careful with that Eclipso cover.
  5. What Would You Put in a 30th Anniversary Collection?

    What a poor selection they have chosen. For a moment I was thinking 229 was the awful issue where Denise Mina explored London terrorism. That's a fair choice for Carey. I would have edited together vignettes from the stories in flashbacks rather than another useless compendium. The recent two page spread flashback of the demons Constantine has wronged would be an example but perhaps more of a sequence. One page pin ups such as Newcastle by Leo Manco and the Last Temptation of Gabriel by P Craig Russell. Maybe some folks who do art elsewhere- Graham Humphreys springs to mind. https://grahamhumphreys.com That Mucus Membrane gig with everyone in the audience by Sean Murphy. Fucking rehashed collections my arse
  6. The Hellblazer #16 and beyond

    I got the other cover, obviously. Yesterday on the bus, two young gents used "fam" and "bruv" in polite conversation. It's remarkable how much they allowed the inking and colouring to spoil the art on this. The two page spread of Constantine's This Is Your Life is nice enough if a little too much like Continuity Porn. Then sadly we get soft porn Nergal and Ames. The final scene sets up really nicely, and then I am not sure what t say about the last page. it looks a little like someone thought to do tribute to Warren Pleece and John Higgins. Knowing that this arc is meant as a finale, I could have condensed The last 10 issues into about four or five then had London Mob Hellblazer for the remainder. It feels unsatisfactory and overlong right now.
  7. The Hellblazer #16 and beyond

  8. Birthdays

    That new JC portrait by Sean Phillips has more of a look of David Bowie.
  9. DC Comics

    Christian is TYNION SLAMMISTER ! My DCU seems to be Miracle Man and The Watchmen ("LOL") Oh I might give Catwoman a go because the preview art looks gorgeous
  10. Marvel's One World Order

    Wasn't the X Men a Fox "product"? (That's what Deadpool told me) From memory (and bear in mind I have generally had little interest in X-People) I'd say the starting point for the Inhumans renaissance was Paul Jenkins & Jae Lee, was that before Earth X? Maybe Ross (and Busiek) planted the seed earlier in the Marvels? Shame about the TV show.
  11. Other comics we read recently

    Yes, I read the first two series and then missed that there had been more. I shall look for it in the trades.
  12. Other comics we read recently

    Here is a list of comics I have recently enjoyed. It's not all of them, just some of them. Infidel. Days of Hate. Gideon Falls. Death of Love. Family Trade. Beef. Barbarella. And that Thanos one you all mentioned was fun, although it's a Marvel and those comics have their own thread. If I can draw your attention to Death of Love, it's sort of like What If Sex Criminals Was Not About Sex, nor about criminals. It's fun.
  13. The Hellblazer #16 and beyond

    1953. You're welcome
  14. Happy ?

    Outrageous. Don't worry it's going to hit you again in 10 years.
  15. Happy ?

    Slowcoach. I can save you waiting for the Next Big Thing if you like. I expect you have seen The Good Place? If so, the next next big thing is LA to Las Vegas. Remind me your address by the usual channels.