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  1. Other comics we read recently

    There was this Errrrmm ignore Amazon :-) http://marvel.com/comics/creators/366/mike_carey?byZone=marvel_site_zone&offset=0&byType=creator&dateStart=&dateEnd=&orderBy=release_date+desc&byId=366&limit=10&count=10&seriesId=6381
  2. Comics Shipping the Week of Dec 4th

    I was lucky enough to see them all side by side in Forbidden Planet and chose the Wu cover. They did not have it in orbital and I got the last one (except there were a few of the b&w ones)
  3. The Hellblazer #18 (2017)

    Well you can't judge a book by its contents.
  4. Comics Shipping the Week of Dec 4th

    I just don't know which Barbarella cover. The jusko one? Delacort? Or current most likely https://www.tfaw.com/Comics/Profile/Barbarella-1-(Cover-E---Wu)___553936 Also that Duursema Red Sonja is swoonsome
  5. DC Comics

  6. Alan Moore Hates Us All

    http://comicsbulletin.com/case-doomsday-clock-part-one-history/ Thought it better here than the DC thread ;-)
  7. Neil Gaiman speaks

    ...to Janina Ramirez, about Fairy Feller's Master Stroke and Norse Myths https://www.historyhit.com/podcasts/the-art-detective/
  8. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    Was that ONLY twelve months ???
  9. Marquee Moon

    Because DC Lawyers were uncomfortable with Clash references. And because it was not enough in the thrall of Sandman.
  10. Marquee Moon

    Thanks to erstwhile forum member Rich Handley and a conversation I once had with Peter Hogan: http://www.blastoffcomics.com/2017/10/hellblazing-under-a-marquee-moon/
  11. Other comics we read recently

    That is excellent. My memory of it is that I got a 7" flexi disc of soundtrack. I wonder if that's something else of a similar time / type. [fakenewscheck] I was right. Loved his artwork and storytelling.
  12. Swamp Thing

  13. Swamp Thing

  14. The Hellblazer # 15

    That was hilarious. In context event more so.
  15. Just Got into Hellblazer...

    You've landed on several issues we were annoyed by at the time. With Carey, Gemma had become a rounded Constantine -though vulnerable to trying too hard in the past . Mina had that annoying boyfriend for her but she was still Gemma. Milligan put her in the Comics Refrigerator. And his treatment of Angie was puerile. I like your take on the ending of #300. I may ever write "30 years later in that same pub" on my copy.
  16. The Hellblazer # 14

    This was great fun. Glad to see Constantine's cookery club. Hope that becomes a regular feature
  17. Happy ?

    Oh, hello Grant Morrison TV adaptation https://io9.gizmodo.com/the-first-trailer-for-syfys-happy-looks-like-who-frame-1819199066
  18. Happy ?

    Yep. Even of I hadn't enjoyed the comic, that trailer is convincing
  19. Test & forum update noise

    Sorry folks, it's been pointed out that some of the more private stuff was now in the open part of the forum. So for now, privacy trumps search function, and the lock-up is where you'll have to do an extra click to see new stuff. I moved the creative endeavours thread, because that way your work is promoted to the wider world, how it was before the updates.
  20. Hellblazer pulp

    As we know, the powers that bestride the DC empire often check in here so they can avoid good decisions about Hellblazer. So it occurred to me - with Christian & Dogpoet discussion on the sales figures thread - that it's time once more to bring up the quarterly graphic novel/ tpb/ pulp model. No longer will writers have to cram or extend stories to fit the pretend monthly market when they should be writing long form tales. Writers can be rotated more easily. Tales of the Hellblazer (past times, supporting cast, etc). Artists can be signed up for a volume rather than disjointed art within stories. I reckon 80 pages a quarter is about right. But would settle for 100.
  21. DC Comics

    He could just do the Constantines Past issues.
  22. Hellblazer pulp

    David Hine, definitely.
  23. The Compleat Show Your Face thread!

    Can you people with children post photos off then being awful, so the rest of us can also enjoy them.
  24. Trinity

    They needed a magician rather than Boston Brand. This looks like a job for Nick Necro!
  25. DC Comics

    I am liking Bug by the Allreds. It's very reminiscent of Madman but with golden age DC cameos instead of Beatniks. Sandman and Sandman were ace in the first two issues. Quite liked the Doom Patrol they did.