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  1. BH GitB And I might give the very first thing on the list a look
  2. Quick everyone! Go back and buy Ghost Tree #1 It's like when I first read Jeff Lemire and you know where that ended up. Also: Simon Gane artwork
  3. Black Badge - YOU CRAZY MO'F's Gideon Falls Leg of Extra Genitals
  4. Youre all welcome. With enough notice we can throw in the From Hell tour (uses buses)
  5. Black Hammer Girl in the Bay I will have a look at that Cannabis book from :01
  6. Well I updated the map and I just had to read some of my repressed Hellblazer comics THAT NEVER HAPPENED Simon Bisley was wasted. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1kInaZlvQ6LUaM8LmgxMc-ywJZlU&usp=sharing
  7. Great fun. When I am done with it I will take a risk on Doom Patrol.
  8. Ook! I foresee me buying more than 1 copy
  9. Here is what I make of it ... Swooon.
  10. They have done https://www.idwpublishing.com/sam-kieths-the-maxx-is-back/ Seven oversized volumes three years ago. I expect this is a taster to get people to look at those.
  11. Empty Man Maxx reprint. Folks who did not pick up She Could Fly here is your chance
  12. A. Heathen

    DC Comics

    If so, he's taking the piss twice. Both times at Alan Moore's expense.
  13. A. Heathen

    DC Comics

    "Lawks, he'll have a right old ding dong from us. Give im the old bamboo, Mary Poppins!"
  14. I might make my next Hellblazer walkabout the London of Jenkins and Phillips These are worth a read. http://www.newlexicons.com/blog/2009/09/paul-jenkins-run-on-hellblazer.html http://www.newlexicons.com/blog/2015/03/british-sub-culture-and-hellblazer.html I've just observed elsewhere that Jenkins' cast would fit in a very watchable soap opera, which is interesting given that it was once thought that my criticism of Milligan's soapy Eastenders was too harsh. I guess the Crystal Palace lot are just more likable.
  15. I'll be honest, I fast forwarded through the dull Dick Grayson parts of the Titans episode and enjoyed the three actual Doom Patrol folks. Also kind of liked Beast Boy and Goth Gal. The Chief was inexplicable.
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