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  1. Locke and Key I think I stopped buying the comic after the first year, but always thought I might read the trades. The TV series is on a par with Sabrina but less teen - despite having three kids fronting the show. Hill House for young adults and older folk who like a yarn. October Faction Maybe bought 4 issues of this maybe more. I know it was a casualty of me canceling all my monthly standing orders. First episode looks more horror-focused and spooky. Potential for the vampire/demon things to get interesting. XFiles lite?
  2. 5 years Archie meets Tge B52s Red Mother Low low woods Family Tree Bang!
  3. In a way, you are still suffering along with us. True story: my nemesis is called Nick.
  4. I think I saw that last week. For me it's M.Carey C.Doran
  5. I prefer the option of checking stuff out these days but a friend does the comic shop so I might start a list with him
  6. After the recent "No Hellblazer" debacle, today I found only one of these 4 comics in Forbidden Planet. I think the UK market might be in trouble.
  7. AvP2 #5 Basket Heads Hellbz Fambly Tree
  8. I can see that. But ubiquitous Andy Serkis as Alfred is a bit of a slap in the face to Sean Pertwee
  9. Lois and Marked from last week
  10. Some of these Ghost Tree for sure.
  11. Basket of Heads Doomsday at last Hellbugger 2 Family Tree
  12. Crisis... @smoakxdoe: "You remind me of my brother, by the way, tall, dark, annoyed by me." "You gonna help us or not?" This scene @tomellis17 @david_ramsey @dbwofficial #CrisisOnInfiniteEarth https://twitter.com/smoakxdoe/status/1204585483583598592/video/1 Shared via TweetCaster
  13. Is it on proper British telly anywhere?
  14. Basket Books 'Blazer Oh look what someone left on the bus seats.
  15. I liked Family Tree. It sets up a much darker tale but definitely in the same vein as Sweet Tooth. I read Vampire State 1 and 2 and it's not for me. Nice storytelling art as you'd expect from Charlie Adlard, but that zombie film in that tall building was more f.u.n. Marked by David Hine and Brian Haberlin is enjoyable in the hinterland betwixt Warren Ellis goth superheroes and Umbrella Academy. Oh and nice teasy end to BH/JLA miniseries.
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