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  1. 10 days through having to self isolate because Karen has a cough. (No taste but otherwise no symptoms, and certainly no fever)

    I'm fine and it's frustrating to be at home. But I'll be updating my teaching slides.

  2. I thought Evil Old Constantine was meant to be the one from the end of Hellblazer. The message I got from the Book of Magics that led into this was that Evil Old Gemma shot him up with a dose of Happy.


    Back on this book, most of the above.

    It was fun. It also felt like Lesson 101 in how to make a hipster version of Hellblazer without making Constantine a dick. Cool youth "Chas", benign laughable "Nick Neckbeard", same old Constantine. An excellent step in a cohesive run of shorter stories. 


  3. Locke and Key

    I think I stopped buying the comic after the first year, but always thought I might read the trades. The TV series is on a par with Sabrina but less teen - despite having three kids fronting the show.

    Hill House for young adults and older folk who like a yarn.


    October Faction 

    Maybe bought  4 issues of this maybe more. I know it was a casualty of me canceling all my monthly standing orders.

    First episode looks more horror-focused and spooky. Potential for the vampire/demon things to get interesting. XFiles lite?

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