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  1. Am going to use some forthcoming free time to visit some places... what's your favourite Hellblazer location in London (last weekend I walked past the Thames river post where undead river Zombies drawn by Leonardo Manco included McMahon and Brown.)
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    He's got some snazzy guest artists on the promos that go with the kickstarter, but he's doing the art (a panel a day since Jan 1st) https://www.instagram.com/arichmondartist/?hl=en
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    My friend Andrew (I just realised I've known him 20 years - since my first comic con) has put together a comic that should be interesting you. Most folks whove heard of Octobriana might know her from Luther Arkwright. there is an account of the character's origins and how many different versions have appeared. Or maybe 2000ADs Nikolai Dante. Unlike all the versions of Batman, it's because the character was created by a communist collective to be used freely. So pretty much anyone can publish her tales.
  4. I like how Cyborg is Dorothy.
  5. Yeah it's a nice comic. I like how the look of some characters resonates with Seekers. And the mystery.
  6. I find the Angelville tale to be going well. But Humpydoo Jesus just arrived. Only Here Starr can save us now, pilgrim. There was an ace fight scene to the tune of Werewolves of London.
  7. Is Green Lantern the one with Liam Sharp art? He's been posting some uncoloured inks and it looks amazing but I'd want it to be this size:
  8. Days of Hate Shade The Changing Girl
  9. Black Badge She Could Fly The Prisoner ooh nice, Highest House qualifies and the TPB looks Loverly
  10. http://hellblazer.ipbhost.com/forum/12-comics-archive/ I can't think. THings that ended this year is easier. But Grass Kings and Royal City obv And that Mr Miracle one. There's about four or five more but I'd have to read this link http://hellblazer.ipbhost.com/forum/12-comics-archive/
  11. Do you have something important to say here? Rather than something you could have posted on your porn blog and got more readers?
  12. Nice picture of JC http://failed-mad-scientist.tumblr.com/post/180870797411/john-constantine-robson-rocha
  13. I though Jeff Lemire deserved his own thread. I might do the same for other writers of note, since the Old Ones just ain't up to much. Oh, and some of Christian's nice reviews of books get lost in the generic threads. http://www.multiversitycomics.com/news/black-hammer-45/ Oh that's nice. I missed the film deal stuff, but actually, I could think of many more Lemire books I'd rather see on the screen before Black Hammer. Not at all a criticism of Black Hammer, as Jason T knows, it's the best thing that's ever happened to Lou K.
  14. I got my copy of Lip Hook. That's my train journey sorted.
  15. https://faroutmagazine.co.uk/remembering-when-t-rex-frontman-marc-bolan-interviewed-stan-lee-1975/
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    AH it was the DC 1,000.000 I was thinking of.
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    I think it's more a function of the time. Similar revisiting of the DCU (I recall Resurrection Man arrived around the same time). And also similarly created by people. With an eye on realistic relationships between characters. Tgat reminds me I bought the collection so it might be buried in my pile of piles somewhere. I liked Chase. She had a suitably Constantinian view of the DCU
  18. And yet, two of them have successful films with their female comicbook protagonists and one hasn't. There are, I expect, quite a few folks who know the crossover between these three writers who are amused by it.
  19. Did you ever get paid for this idea? And does someone have scans, as I appear to be missing a few issues from my archive
  20. Yes I've seen all three. Trust me, when it gathers momentum the psychological battle between Matt and Kingpin is as good as the good fight scenes. And the prison fight scene was silly.
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