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  1. But correlating the two was a bit of sophistry on my part. James observed that new readers might be put off with details like old characters coming back (to be killed), my point was that those same newer readers will not care about things like Tom Constantine's magic arm. Yes, they are different but they are extremes of the same thing. And I think that integrity of the long history of the book is as much served by attention to detail as it is by revisiting past details in major AND minor ways. Continuity is not a case of including all or nothing, after all. At least not if it is going to reflect real life. Then again in the context of All His Engines, there's not going to be many new folks going for a hardcover, is there? And I would like to reiterate that shoddy research of photoreference may be laid at the doors of artists, but continuity like this is more down to corporate editors.
  2. That's a good point. Rosa's attitude to John is the same as Gemma's was to magic until recently.
  3. Well, if you want details like the man with the wavy hand to be correct (and why not?) then it's fair game to have characters from the past (as well as events) come back to haunt John regardless of how long ago or how popular they might be. Whether they turn up with important messages or get killed howwibly. These are different aspects of the same thing in the larger story. ie using the foundation work of the past two hundred issues. After all, who is going to know that Thomas Constantine lost his left arm?
  4. I thought that too. I wonder if there's any of the REAL Constantine's Angels in those three ?
  5. Nah, I'm too young for that. Re killing off characters, as we often come to the subject of the great big huge continuity laden behemoth that is the 200 issue monthly series, I think it's as reasonable to knock off someone from the "distant" past as it is to make sure you get amputated arms on the right (I mean left) side. If the Nergal family are after John's friends they can go back a long long way. Although Chas, Cheryl & Gemma have to be ultimate targets. As do Kit, Zed and Angie - who are "special" among the ladies he's had relationships and/or sex with.
  6. WHOA THERE ! We are talking about people close to John dying here. While that may not score much on the FanKid-o-meter it will have dramatic effect on yer man. Most of the deaths John feels responsible for have been directly. What if an assortment of characters who have left the series and got on with their lives are disposed of ? Are you suggesting (by implication) that the story should reflect what will upset the mainstream of fans ? In fact, if you were to strip all them old characters from the story then future stories can be free of 200 issues of back-continuity. And there's nothing to stop a character or two being introduced as an old friend and then killed - it's been done lots before (actually that's the only reason not to do it).
  7. "That lot in Streatham" = any of Paul Jenkins' mates who appeared as characters during his run :-) was set in the area of Norwood, Streatham and Crystal Palace. I agree with you re the impact of Cheryl (or Gemma) dying. Deliberately left Tony off because I think that'd be too similar to the dynamic with Chas's missus. Map would be a shame because *he* told John to fuck off, and deserves to remain around the fringes. For me, Zed, Kit and Angie are all good strong characters who should be left where they are (2 in John's past, 1 in his present & future). It'd make some sense if each of the kids went for people from their "Mom's" era, but would probably hogtie the story too much (and would result in Streatham remaining untouched). Let's all think of obscure characters who are still alive ... oooh what about Marj & Merc ? And whatever happened to that little Nergal boy from the Secret Files ? And all those blokes in that pub who reckoned they knew Constantine ? They want to watch themselves too.
  8. But it would require Adam to be about ten ... And although Angie/John is a future shock and looks like Maria would be around 15, Zed was about fifteen years ago. Nice idea though.
  9. Do you know, James, it didn't occur to me that the kid's ages were anything to do with how long ago his relationships were.
  10. We have the mass hysteria variant edition, don't you ? But I see that in the text you quote I say that Adam is the same age at the end. What I was referring to about "ageing" was the ages of the children throughout the day, me assuming that Maria is older than Saul.
  11. No, let's BURN THEM !!!! (only joking) I think on some levels it's anticlimactic, but in a good dramatic sense. It's a bicentennial issue with as many nods of the head to the previous issues as we can have without those dopey gets from South London turning up. I may be projecting here, but the three parts work on a number of levels, not just the choice of spouse. Kit - Garth Ennis - maybe it's because she's his character and has some irishness about her, but this segment read like Ennis too. And the Zed section was a bit more poetic/lyrical/shamanistic which reflects Jamie Delano. Angie ... "and this is me" said Mike :-) It's interesting to note that the three women are not themselves at all. Of course Rosa never understood the women (... pause for effect ...) so she changes them all significantly. Kit has always been put up on a pedestal - by John and Garth - and she's decidedly nastier here. Of the three, she's the one most immediately Rosa. Zed looks conventional like she's gone over into the establishment. And Angie is such a wimp ! Onto the kids: Someone made part of this connection above, but here's my take on them. Adam = The Demon Constant-teen* - hence the thought control thing. Saul = The Swamp Constant-teen* - from JC's connection to Alec when Tefe was conceived. (An aside, as Andy Diggle failed in his brave attempt to kill Tefe, perhaps the former SwampChick should be dispatched by Saul. Maria = The Bastard Constant-teen* more of a chip off the block than the two lads. Incidentally, I understand that Vertigo would not allow the fourth part, to be illustrated by Sean Phillips, where John shags Slag and Rosa gives birth to Galen Constant-teen*. But the good news is this will climax in a Hellblazer special written by Chuck Austen, where the Constant-teen Titans battle against the Doomed Patrol (Gemma, Tefe and Elaine), but Ellie and Rosa have a cat-fight in mud. I get the impression that John has been duped by Rosacarnis, just like he was at the end of the last issue - be careful what you wish for ! He asked for his memories back, and he got a load of false ones thrown in for (bad) luck. (* not to be confused with the much-anticipated Keanu Reeves film, Constanteen.)
  12. Brian Tyler http://www.briantyler.com/about_brian.html The very fine Bubba Ho Tep soundtrack, which is suitably guitarose, but like Tom I fear Kack Metal at the behest of The Man ... or Woman.
  13. Drunk. Just got back from the Ramones doc "End of the World". The ageing fits in sequence near enough. Let's give them 8 hours each - Adam is young then same age by the end. Maria is fifteen (?) Best of all, John's memories - his real ones - are clouded by the other three ! Top evil twist from Rosacarnis I feel.
  14. That's his aunty, but you're right about the arm.
  15. My recommendation to all is: "Tim Bradstreet knows how to do it" (As does Andy Diggle for that matter.) I call it the "Ask James" method.
  16. I don't think you blame the writer unless they use the Alan Moore method - "he raises his hand to his son. His right hand because his left arm was removed in an accident at the docks. His entire surly nature comes from his bitterness at losing that arm, and it was probably because he could no longer masturbate that he ended up having sex with his wife to produce this bastard son. We can almost see the malevolence floating in the air behind him, and the resentment charges his every mannerism. In fact he waves his right hand with an obvious compensation for the lack of a left hand. Exaggeratedly. A spider crawls along the back wall behind him, and the smell of sprouts wafts up from the kitchen below. A Tommy Steel record has just finished playing loudly in next door's lounge and John Lennon says to Paul McCartney, "We could do better than that." I also don't think the artist is responsible for checking every detail unless it's in a "series bible" portfolio which all artists should be given. I'll keep the "false memory" option.
  17. I studied some psychology, me. (And I checked it was a mistake before I defended it with my cleverousness.)
  18. Ah but ... what does the editor do in these matters ? The new man wouldn't make that mistake ! I hereby propose that, as this story probably takes places after Constantine's memory is back, that his memory does not come back properly, which explains why he imagines his dad as being himself. There, it's all sorted.
  19. Nice try, Jim "Pogue" McMahon. But he lost the arm before John was born, and was shown in flashback ushering Mrs C off to the coathanger lady ... thereby lie retrospective spoilers for issue 100.
  20. Okay since everyone is getting the wrong end of various sticks: Oct 23rd - London Comics Festival Oct 24th - Comic mart - for all your back-issue needs; same venue or just across the road. Nov 6th-7th - Bristol Comics Expo I - with Hellblazer talk by Mike Carey (possible slide show and special extras) May 14th - Bristol Comics Expo II - basically Comics Festival without Kev Sutherland having to organise it. Mike Allwood (& possibly Dez Skinn) taking over the whole show. Allegedly same weekend as a Xena convention ... cue Ade sat in bar pretending to be Joxer and hoping Callisto turns up. later that same year: London - I've been urging Kev to bring it forward to link with The Big Draw which some of you may have seen on TV last weekend. Brighton - tbc for November.
  21. I could not possibly confirm any knowledge of any "Hellblazer Slideshow". Now I just need someone to film it ... have the films crew come over from the old forum yet ? I will be at the Expo on the Friday and Saturday but leaving Bristol on the last train from trancentral which probably arrives back in London at 3am Eternal.
  22. I thought you was referring to: Constanteen, Constanteen, Not a scouse, knoworrah mean ? Is he a Brit ? Listen bud, our Kanoo is just as good. God saaave... American Constanteen !
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