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  1. http://hellblazer.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_minor_lovers#Isabel_Bracknell
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/books/2018/oct/24/bigger-dreams-how-neil-gaiman-sandman-universe-expanding-comics?CMP=share_btn_tw
  3. It's still listed as Vertigo on the DC website news. I did see the writer is a target for those gamergate/comicsgate types. So maybe DC are confounding buffoons?
  4. A. Heathen

    Image Comics

    I don't know when the Free Comics Day was, but yesterday I picked up I Hate Image which is an amusing trek through the Image books as if they were all in the same universe, by the I Hate Fairyland people. There is a grayscale (sic) Walking Dead town, and our heroine cries The Nineties Sucked in the middle of Wic+Div Nightclub. Top amusement: "Eventually you'll come upon a tree. Not like an Oak tree... like an Ellis Tree" "What the FLUFF is an Ellis Tree?" "I feel like I need to be smarter to answer that" Then it's basically as many Image books referenced as possible.
  5. It's more in style and setting, but it made me think of that and Teenagers From Mars. It's been a while, so might be nothing like them. Oh and I have Seeds but not read it yet.
  6. Turns out I am enjoying one of the Berger Books. She Could Fly Written by Christopher Cantwell who you might know from Halt and Catch Fire. His spot on family dynamics are at play here. It's a nice take of a young woman bordering on psychosis but probably just imaginative. She investigates the death of a woman who could fly. I've just realised that its style reminds me of Sean McKeever's The Waiting Place. Final issue in two weeks.
  7. The double page spread of "new" Vertigo does not inspire me at all. Two Messiahs, Three What If Vertigo Golden Age happened IN THE FUTURE (supernatural dimensions, witches, AI Goddesses - didn't we have all these already?), white supremacy and prostitutes. "-Magic" I like Dreaming and House of Whispers because at least they are in familiar territory for the imprint that won't die(t).
  8. A. Heathen

    The tattoo

    Also: tsk http://www.insanerantings.com/hell/comics/annotations/hb181ann.html
  9. Oh gosh. Finally caught up. Among other things, because "Lenny", I just wished for Noah Hawley to be given the keys to Shade The Changing Man. "He wore his madness like a coat" Lovely album of cover versions, and the incidental music too. Shame this "season" started with too much weirdforthesakeofit because after episode 3 it's Marvelous
  10. Wow. Matt Kindt is good. Black Badge is for all your young friends. And you. Mind MGMT for Young Adults
  11. A. Heathen

    DC Comics

    Catwoman is quite lovely. Superb art and such a well layered story. Reminds me of The Beauty which I will read next.
  12. I've got this one https://savagedragonwiki.wikispaces.com/Savage+Dragon+vs.+the+Savage+Megaton+Man+1?responseToken=0244651e691c5f0c2447f0deb3567380c
  13. It looks like Captain Marvel to me. Proper "Shazam" was goofy as a cartoon dog with buck teeth, who works for people who HATE liberals and paedophiles equally. But like to pretend they just hate paedophiles.
  14. They should say fuck continuity. Or tell it to fuck off.
  15. Sweet Tooth. Underwater Welder ROUGHNECK Anything that has no connection to DC superheroes. Not that I am discounting them all just his creator owned stuff is beautiful.
  16. It's immensely good. What a writer, and what an artist.
  17. Meanwhile, 4 years later, someone is here to save the DC (movie) Universe and he's not Wonder Woman.
  18. It's coming again... http://www.tripwiremagazine.co.uk/headlines/sdcc-watch-a-trailer-for-season-four-of-cws-dcs-legends-of-tomorrow/ This time with hot and sweaty naked Constanteen !
  19. http://www.anenglishmaninsandiego.com/connews/onhomesoil/ice-margate-2018-in-conversation-with-si-spurrier-15th-april-full-interview-sandman
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