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  1. I have part-retired (taken my NHS pension after 30 years and a bit) and will return to my day job in two weeks on a part time basis.

    Then I will probably step into full retirement later in the year. 
    More a sabbatical than a complete giving up of work.

    Might see some of you on my travels.

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  2. I might make my next Hellblazer walkabout the London of Jenkins and Phillips

    These are  worth a read.



    I've just observed elsewhere that Jenkins' cast would fit in a very watchable soap opera, which is interesting given that it was once thought that my criticism of Milligan's soapy Eastenders was too harsh. I guess the Crystal Palace lot are just more likable.

  3. My friend Andrew (I just realised I've known him 20 years - since my first comic con) has put together a comic that should be interesting you.

    Most folks whove heard of Octobriana might know her from Luther Arkwright. there is an account of the character's origins and how many different versions have appeared. Or maybe 2000ADs Nikolai Dante. Unlike all the versions of Batman, it's because the character was created by a communist collective to be used freely. So pretty much anyone can publish her tales.

  4. On 1/17/2019 at 2:54 PM, Christian said:

    Berger Books continues to show promise for Dark Horse. Two new books have been announced for early 2019; a new J.M. DeMatteis series and a creator owned book from G. Willow Wilson.

    Wilson's book will be a science fiction story with political overtones.

    DeMatteis' new series is called the Girl in the Bay, and sounds like a return to the sorts of themes used in his early work at Vertigo.



    Yeah it's a nice comic.

    I like how the look of some characters resonates with Seekers. And the mystery.

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