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  1. 2 hours ago, dogpoet said:

    I think most employers that test for drug use (quite common in the 'Sates, apparently) check urine rather than hair for some reason. Possibly because they can test for other stuff besides dope from a urine sample?

    Not it's cost and ease of sampling.

    We're talking bout the Law though.


    But, two factors to consider: no-one gets off a drink drive test by proving that they weren't high (when most are not). It might be amusing to see someone prove in court that they could not have been stoned, by smoking a joint and giving hourly urine tests while successfully operating complex machinery better and better as the drugs wear off.

    and also: hair tests have a fairly good timeline.


  3. What are proposition 1 and 2?

    Are the proposition  numbers the same in all ballots?

    Also, can you explain how/why the house of reps and Senate show different trends?

    It seems to me that when our nation's are split 50:50 your system comes closer to represent that. Although neither supports  non- partisan politics. 

    Gerrymandering is insanely obvious cheating isn't it?

  4. Hello people.

    So I enjoyed the Punisher one and have not yet watched his own series.
    And due to being ill yesterday and today, I decided to watch S.3 of Daredevil.

    It's got Vincent D'Onofrio in it.
    And the plot where King Pin manipulates everything from prison and then "prison".

    Special prisons that they have in TVland.
    Where a blind man posing as his best friend can bluff his way into a prison without photo ID and then get rushed out without being checked...
    while a riot that he basically caused is going on.
    (There is actually an instory reason why that happened, but at the time, during the most preposterous episode, I was like WTFF!)

    Then the Bullseye episode is really good (his development through the series has impressed me a lot)

    Back to the second half !

  5. Depends on our definition of fiction.

    Running Man and other Bachman books (other than Thinner ironically) are not quite what I'd call "standard" Stephen King. So the rebellion in Running Man is led by less of a middle class everyman. As I recall.

  6. I think these lists sometimes trend to "most popular" of a type, so guess that's why King trumps Straub, but Streiber is a good call.

    But he'd have been Wheatley or Von Daniken in the past, I guess.

    Interesting to extract the non-American authors, you might get Shirley Jackson in there too.


    If they'd put Dead Zone instead of The Stand, there might be Hope for America.

  7. I thought it was a suitably scaryforkids thing and I might be wrong but thought The Lady Doctor* did the usual thing in the modern era of channelling previous Doctors during the early stages. There was gurning like Tennant, enthusing like Smith, being authoritative like Capaldi, and Northernness.

    I don't think I will like Bradley Walsh in this as The New Bernard Cribbins. He's better in The Chase.


    (* incidentally that's me doing a joke, and I will be henceforth refer to The Doctor as a Time Lord, just as I ever did.)

  8. For what it's worth, I think Stephen King writes best about the american everyman that Governments would like us to believe they are seeking to protect.
    I'd question the agendas of anyone who has read Dead Zone and doesn't read it as a warning about corruption of politicians rather than left or right,  and The Stand is nicely set for inclusion and community-ism rather than fascism. But all of this is easy to overlook if you're following a story rather than microscopic analysis subtext.

    Simple test: did you enjoy it?
    I've enjoyed three or four Koontz books I read but not enough to delve further.
    I've read about 20% of the books on the list, ie 18 in full plus parts of another four or five. 

    Regarding the initial post, I doubt a list of anything "Best-loved by Americans" (of all nations) would ever be based on excellence of the product (in this case novels or authors), since the criteria needed for such would be too wide.  We could probably take a dozen or so off the list on the basis they weren't on similar lists ten years ago and won't be in ten years time. That's what happens with "popular" vote.

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  9. 6 hours ago, JasonT said:

    Jeez, Dom and Christian. If you two have a falling out, the forum's activity will halve.

    But also if they start agreeing it will drop to 33.3%

    In Christian's defence here, "agree to disagree" oughtn't mean "so stop posting your opinions".
    I find reading reasoned opinions (even the wrong ones both have) much more satisfying.


  10. I don't know when the Free Comics Day was, but yesterday I picked up I Hate Image which is an amusing trek through the Image books as if they were all in the same universe, by the I Hate Fairyland people. 

    There is a grayscale (sic) Walking Dead town, and our heroine cries The Nineties Sucked in the middle of Wic+Div Nightclub.

    Top amusement: "Eventually you'll come upon a tree. Not like an Oak tree... like an Ellis Tree" "What the FLUFF is an Ellis Tree?" "I feel like I need to be smarter to answer that"

    Then it's basically as many Image books referenced as possible.


  11. I reckon that the People In Charge of the left (or the Not-So-Right to be more specific) have really lost the challenge to set up a society where people share a community that supports each other. Mainly because they choose to be led by the RIght (aka the Pretend Centre) rather than the people.

    This latest show trial in America highlights that the UK Government are better at hiding their obvious corruption, Johnson and Mogg being like a magician's prancer, distracting from the real shites, rather than full on electing Zaphod Beeblebrox's unlikable inbred cousin. Trump's arrogance is just the living manifestation of how people of my generation used to view America(ns). "Yeah, right, USA won WW2, America is great, Land of the Free". (Land of the Free White People. Land of the Me.).

    I know that's not what Americans are like, even many Republicans, but fucking hell the jingoistic, me-me-me, people are on top.

    Thus the US President can get away with his vile lampooning of women who are speaking out about abuse.
    And anyone who needs a hand, is going to be trod on.

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  12. Turns out I am enjoying one of the Berger Books.


    She Could Fly

    Written by Christopher Cantwell who you might know from Halt and Catch Fire. 

    His spot on family dynamics are at play here. It's a nice take of a young woman bordering on psychosis but probably just imaginative. She investigates the death of a woman who could fly.


    I've just realised that its style reminds me of Sean McKeever's The Waiting Place.


    Final issue in two weeks.

  13. The double page spread of "new" Vertigo does not inspire me at all.

    Two Messiahs, Three What If Vertigo Golden Age happened IN THE FUTURE (supernatural dimensions,  witches, AI Goddesses - didn't we have all these already?), white supremacy and prostitutes. 



    I like Dreaming and House of Whispers because at least they are in familiar territory for the imprint that won't die(t).

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