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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnZRU8RahTY&feature=feedu
  2. walrus


    I'd advice against Watchmen on the grounds that it might set a too high standard.
  3. walrus


    Depends on the person, surly, but... Battlefields: Dear Billy Criminal: The Dead and the Dying Y The Last Man: Unmanned All-Star Superman WE3
  4. Not having read the Max #1, Imight be missing something here. But as far as I know, its not. MAX, I mean. Some MAX titles are mainstream, Bendis' Alias and BKV's The Hood.
  5. walrus

    Spidey Noir

    Spidy gets sequel.
  6. walrus

    The Punisher

    Could you believe I've read the trade maybe ever other weeks since it came out, and never noticed it? Thanks, Lou.
  7. They're rebooting the title as "PunisherMax", with Jason Aaron and Steve Dillon . See?
  8. walrus

    Spidey Noir

    Been reading the Punisher.
  9. Right on. Saw it yesterday, I loved it. Third, maybe second best comic book movie. Shame though that a certain heartless person didn't.
  10. walrus


    I look foward to scurvy-ridden, heroin and Korean illegal immigrant smuggling Popeye and his randevous with wharf side prostitue Olive.
  11. Went to see it with Mrs. Walrus last night, absolutely loved it, or at least what I saw of it. The high point of the experience was Mrs. Walrus asking me if Gambol was the guy from Year One, I was so elated of her emerging nerdery that I said that it was, even though there was no such guy. Of course she went into a mood during the nurse scene and decided we had to go home. We'll go see it again tonight, all of it hopefully, if the gods of pregnancy see it fit.
  12. Does anyone else think that looks like the suit Batman wore in the climax of the Dark Knight Returns?
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