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  1. not useless, as i clearly could have done with knowing that... thanks for the heads up.
  2. glad you enjoyed it atticus - thanks for the kind words. which page do you mean by the way? (my pages are numbered differently to the published...) the checkpoint page? the flag on his arm?
  3. colour on the interior pages you mean? it can often be suggested in the script, but the decision is mine... any reason?
  4. he's on vauxhall bridge at the end, no? there is every chance however, that the view you see in the last panel might not comply with that geographically... artistic license i'm afraid! thanks for all the kind words everyone - this book did turn into a pretty epic undertaking in a lot of ways, and it's great to finally see it out there. cheers jock
  5. right, had a chance to look through... thanks all so much for the entries. a lot of goodies to choose from. difficult to choose - so i'm basing this on just how much i smiled or laughed when i first saw them. someone has to win, but you're all winners/have the x factor/believe in your dreams etc. in 3rd place -- Ade's Cameron. it just made me laugh as soon as i saw it. topical, funny. in 2nd place -- Jason T's drawing. although it doesn't actually have the dialogue, and i did say that artistic ability didn't matter, it's a brilliant little drawing and again, made me laugh when i saw it. nice one jason! but in 1st place, it has to be Red... so many good ones, bollywood etc, but even that first astronaut made me laugh out loud. straight away it raised the bar. congrats Red! DM me your address. thanks again all - hope you get the chance to see the book anyway. hope you enjoy it. all the best Jock
  6. all looking good! any last minute stragglers?? if not i'll go through the pics tonight - i have a deadline (at 12am) so i may have to announce the winner tomorrow morning. get those last minute ideas in! all welcomed!
  7. ha --- these are great! ade's cameron took me by brilliant surprise. genius. lovely entries all round. judging tomorrow, or could be pushed to monday if we have any latecomers needing the time.
  8. brilliant.. that's what i'm talking about. encore! and yes, post here if possible. drawing ability isn't an issue, it's always the idea that'll win through - jock
  9. okay, here's the quote -- "Don't speak to me. I don't know who you are, or why you're here, John Constantine. But you've stretched your credibility to it's limit" a drawing/image/creation of what john's doing at this point in time. no need for a mona lisa, just a humorous idea would be great. the winner, announced at the end of the week, will get a signed copy of the book with a drawing inside. entries in by, say, thursday?
  10. sorry guys - lame i know, but i'll have to set this up on monday (boy off school, going away for the weekend) tho there hasn't been much response so i'm not sure anyone will really mind! i'll check in monday.
  11. sorry, been out all of today.. i'm liking the illustration idea! i'll check back in here in the morning when i'm back in the studio, and we'll get this going. feel free to suggest other ideas in the meantime! have a good evening - jock
  12. just mentioned the competition on twitter, so now i need suggestions asap so i can get this book sent off before release date to make the comp. worthwhile...
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