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  1. Very very good news. I've always hated Robin as a character. Such a silly concept. Very very good news. I've always hated Robin as a character. Such a silly concept. Yessss. Someone agrees with me. Blah! No pixie boots for christmas for you two! Heh, I will always defend my Robins. Just not in this case. Having a child fighting crime is crazy and a bright, young acrobat next to The Dark Knight would be wrong in any place but the comics. I loved the movie so much. I am sure I made little squealing noises whenever Batman, Harvey and Jim Gordon were together. Although I saw it over a week ago I am still to hyped to say anything other than 'Harvey Dent is Awesome!!' I still want an Arkham Asylum movie. And make it as creepy as hell please.
  2. Keeyah

    Countdown to.....

    I'm wondering this too but really I'm only reading this for Jason Todd. (I hate my Robin obsession sometimes)
  3. No. Has Bucky done anything interesting since he returned?
  4. Keeyah

    batman must reads

    I quite enjoyed No Man's Land if only for the parts with Harvey Dent. War Games was terrible. I haven't yet worked out what was really going on, mainly because I didn't like to think about it. The whole lot seemed like a extravagent way to kill Stephanie Brown.
  5. Keeyah

    A poll about publishers

    Nah, it is a good way to add !drama! to Green Arrow.
  6. Keeyah

    A poll about publishers

    What about the new Speedy?
  7. Keeyah

    A poll about publishers

    Did a bit of searching. Roy is going to appear in October's Green Lantern.
  8. Keeyah

    A poll about publishers

    Arsenal hasn't appeared yet One Year Later. And if they take Hawkeye out of Ultimates I will have a tantrum. Not that I can remember what is going on in Ultimates. I actually forget that it's on my list until it arrives about once every leap year.
  9. As if John Constantine would have a myspace account.
  10. Keeyah

    A poll about publishers

    You are correct Sir.
  11. Keeyah

    A poll about publishers

    DC. Titles including Batman, Robin, Nightwing and Teen Titans. I only get one comic from Marvel now.
  12. Jason wasn't trying to kill the Joker.
  13. I am very familer with this guy but will not say anything until Mark has read it. The Bruce and Tim stuff was very nice but why did Bruce give Tim Dick's room? The man lives in a mansion! Can't they have a room each?
  14. He will teach Tim the "five point palm-exploding heart technique." :) Or adoption. Isn't Dick Grayson the legally adopted son of Bruce Wayne also? Yep, Bruce adopted Jason Todd first then Dick much later. Bruce already offered to adopt Tim in Willingham's Robin but Tim declined.
  15. What do you think Batman has planned for Tim's future?
  16. Keeyah

    Just Lyra

    See Robin gets all the fun. Spanking, dead bodies, lacy panties and sex with the daughter of a demon. And you people wonder why I like him so much.
  17. Nightwing is really, really bad at the moment. Actually, I can barely remember when Nightwing was good. Why is Dick a model? Why is Jason wearing a suit? Why is the art so bad?
  18. That man brought back Jason Todd, thats good enough for me. Man-bat Ninjas? Why are they Ninjas? Why is there 30 of them? Where did Man-bat come from in the first place?
  19. I can't get him to sit still. Need staples.
  20. Hey I like Take That! (apparently)
  21. Not if you've read the comics, they don't. At all. Cyclops is the X-Men - he's probably the most important character in the classic-era books (as well as being one of the coolest - the scene in which he BEATS UP THE ENTIRE TEAM as a morale-boosting exercise in an issue just before the Dark Phoenix saga is one of my favourite sequences of pure bad-assery from any superhero comic - Cyclops was always cooler, and harder, than Wolverine, until the X-Men books started going way off-track in the mid-80s), and the way the films reduce his role is one of the major problems with them. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Sorry for the little derailment of the thread but I have to say how relieved I am that someone has remembered that Scott beat the whole team once. No one ever believes me about that.
  22. Preacher. Preacher. And one more time... Preacher.
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