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  1. I thought I'd pop by and check out some opinions that I could trust. The Missus and I are going on Tuesday. I was going to try and zip out and see it solo this weekend, but she was having none of that. I'm glad to see you lot think it lives up to the hype.
  2. Brooklyn Dreams w-J.M. DeMatteis a-Glenn Barr
  3. Thanks for the recommendations guys. I've got a couple of book store gift certificates, so I'll be looking around this weekend (since I won't be browsing interesting unheard of comics and chatting with comic writers and artists boo hoo).
  4. Only five hours away in the cosmopolitan city of Toronto. I'm working on warping the children to my ways through Akiko, It Was A Dark And Silly Night, etc, so I should eventually be able to override the veto in a few years. Is anyone here attending? Highlights for me would have been Joe Matt, Seth, Paul Pope, and Becky Cloonan. Plus discovering new indie stuff and a visit to The Beguiling. Oh and being in Toronto wouldn't suck either. Also, I need more ammo any kids comic recommendations would be appreciated.
  5. I'm down with monthlies or just plain comics. I don't own a TPB copy of V For Vendetta, The Invisibles, Planetary, and a bunch of other "comics". I seem to recall Watchmen was originally released in "floppy" format as well. It's the message NOT the medium.
  6. You're a commie aren't you?
  7. Which one, the yeti or the sasqatch?
  8. I was trying to remember what I had read by Pete. Yeah, fucking Skreemer. I'd have to reread it though, cause that was like 15 years ago. The x-statix run was entertaining. And wasn't Buddy some kind of stuntman in his Animal Man run?
  9. I'm diggin the Criminal. The columns are very entertaining as well as educational. They have led me to explore much of the lit and films that are discussed. Are those reprinted in the GN? Criminal led me to Scene of the Crime which was well worth the time. The naughty side of noir - Chaykin's Big Black Kiss.
  10. dazzler

    batman must reads

    Anyone read City of Crime that David Lapham wrote? I'm currently devouring Stray Bullets and was curious about his batskills. I know he didn't do the art, but I would love to see how he draws Batman.
  11. I think I just saved $25. HA :D Doesn't it always come down to this?
  12. Sounds like she needs a discrete karate chop to the neck on the way out of class!!! :icon_sam: I agree on the imax; that way I can absorb more testosterone.
  13. I have The Atom #'s 7-11 from 1963. I picked them up cheap somewhere. I have an older friend who has some of the old valuable golden and silver age stuff (1st Spiderman, 1st Joker app., 1st Robin, 1st FF, etc.) He had them out of the bank vault to do some trading and I got the chance to look them over. Very cool, but fooking nerve racking as well. Handling comics that are brittle, old, and expensive is not my cup o tea.
  14. Damn, Mark now I'm going to have to dig out the big box o' 80's comics. I've been meaning to read that Denny O' Neil Question run. Now I'll dig out my Detectives and Batmans as well.
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