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  1. Um yeah have to agree with James...Warlord does have some dodgy bits... Not a great read but harmless enough...I enjoyed the sum of the parts. Just started Subterannean (sp) so far its like Warlord meets Strangehaven...lol... I think Shirley does a good enough job satisfying the Vertigo fan in me... I recommend them.
  2. Gave it a 8... Really enjoyed it....havent felt this good about the shape of the title since Carey's run ( oh and last ish was greatly appreciated..we need more of this...) Great job...Im definately in for the ride... Excellent facial expressions from Manco,eh? Reminded me of good EC comics too for some reason.
  3. Clever reveal for Ralphs storyline...yet if Faust gets out...surely Neron does too... and no I dont think DC will create a new Elongated Man...they will let Plas fill that void...with his son... Nice move on Sobek...only things left to ponder.. Batwomans fate.. The fall of Intergang and Booster vs Skeets to the death....
  4. Firstly I agree with Mark that Warren stuffed up Jack Cross by himself..but perhaps DC did not give it the TLC Warren wanted...i.e...Cover Artist...Variant...Exposure and perhaps a Vertigo spot... Regardless I have yet to try out this THUNDERBOLTS run but from what I hear...I do not like and perhaps I hold SUICIDE SQUAD in too much regards to ever like a cheap imposter like this... My point ( yes there is one) is to comment on the weirdness of NEXTWAVE # 12....a bit barmy indeed, Jmac but now the series is open to continuation... Is it true that another NEXTWAVE mini may be in the cards in 07 without Immonen though???
  5. Im a bit late but what the hey only got my copy yesterday... gave it a 5....so ends Mina's yarn... Got a chuckle from the Scotish Connection and a nice wink a nod in the beginning "stupid" splash page felt like old John to me.... Interested to see if a writer will pick up on the third place and Cole in a few years time... Eargerly awaiting Mr Diggle's first issue...
  6. In no particular order 1) Desolation Jones...would make a great cult flick with someone like Terry Gilham directing Gary Oldman as Michael Jones... 2) Nextwave...as an animated show...would be the best thing since milk... 3) Hellblazer...yeah...a no-brainer...we need the HBO TV treatment people... 4) Y-The Last Man..yup I know a flicks coming but this thing need 5 seasons people... 5) X-STATIX....tweaked a bit with mutant stuff but just enough to keep its edge on FILM.... 6) The Invisibles...no doubt 7) Sleeper...Paranoia baby... 8) Lone Wolf and Cub....dont mess it up... 9) Global Frequency...man that pilot was a bit of a mess was it not? 10) The Human Target....have to make it....dont anyone mention the bad tv series from the late 80's...or the puppy gets it...
  7. Yup I buy the title...Whislt I prefer X-Force/X-Statix as if it were my own son...I am enjoying this title...better than most X-crap Marvel push out in droves? Any thoughts on Mike Careys X-run? I havent read any of it...
  8. Yup Azzarello the better of the two... I always felt he wrote a cool story that just wasnt suited for 'Blazer...Nevertheless I still wasnt as unhappy with the run as most others are... Wonder what happens when it comes to Eddie Campbell vs Darko Macan ( The Honey and Ashes two parter ). Personally I feel both of those writers were the worst to touch the title...
  9. I for one also dont get how Ralph didnt recognize Aquaman maybe magic I dont know. Secondly it looks like maybe Charlie is going to make it in Nanda Parbat...but Montoya should still become the next Question... These missing 52 seconds is definitelly something I want to see pay off... Anyone else want to see T.O.MORROW get out of this series and star in another book...his just so freaking above anyone else...the metal men should be back soon...Im not sure about this "invisible/never there" fourth Horsemen...hm... I for one wont buy WW3 mini series...it doesnt appeal to me and really Im sure the broadstrokes will be covered in 52... The Jake reveal was a favorite moment so far in the series... Looking forward to the fall of Luthor and the tragic downfall of Black Adam...
  10. Hey, I thought it was a pretty good pun. Truth. At least, his name is the same as Mina's boyfriend. Apparently her beau's not as fat as the comic book version. Wow. I was about to say Mr Evans is not exactly a catch for any single woman isnt he. Well I guess he must be a fan or at least is one now.
  11. Too true. I mean I understand the intentions i.e get the new kids the down low and refresh continuity for the fanboys but honestly these origins are no more than glorified pin-ups written in the oh so informative "Origins' books we got five years ago. And the choices and order? What why a Wonder Woman origin out of left field. Otherwise I am still enjoying the series not a knock-out like I thought it would be but still having a bit of fun along the way. Looking forward to the death of Skeets / Black Adam storyline which has to launch World War III in my opinion as well as the Horsemen storyline.
  12. Good point like I said half of his run then I dropped off. I read Bad Seed which showed promised but never flowered. Oh man I just wrote that. As for Mina one more to go. Um I read / heard somewhere STEVE EVAN's is based on a boyfriend/friend of Mina's? Truth or Bollocks?
  13. Thanks for the welcome, James. Yup its an Allred pic from X-Statix. Im a huge fan of that run. 1) Look I understand its been way inferior to the top quality we used to, Ennis, Ellis and the such but Mina still held a decent narrative in the first arc at least. But yeah your right 12 is enough. Diggle should be good. 3) Monthy Python troupe...I swear the one nun looked like John Constantine for a second... 7) Heh hey theres always Euro coming up soon you never know.... Anyone looking forward to the Diggle run? or are there trepid reservations. I read half his LOSERS run always found it good fun.
  14. I'm glad that Cheryl isn't part of the ghostly gang. I think it's because it was such a major fuck up on John's part, that he wont even allow his mind/sub concious to process the guilt as one of his usual "ghosts". This was bigger than that. And cudos to Mike for his runs ending. So you're suggesting that the ghosts may be manifestation of John's guilt? I dont know why maybe its the books angle but I always took it as face value. The ghosts really are ghosts. I agree Cheryl was such a shock that yeah she shouldnt be lumped with the Nun the nerd and c-listers. I hope Diggle adresses the Cheryl loss in his run.
  15. There's at a least two bakers dozens ghosts by now right? Heres my question though how come Johns sister hasnt shown up as one? Where are the ghosts when they are not shown? Somewhere else or are they omniouslly present every moment. Watching him take a shit and the like? My favorite ghost moment was with Delano in Original Sins when they wave at Gary to join them in the street.
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