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  1. What's going on with you?

    He looked calm and collected to be sure. But I still wouldn't want to do his laundry after what he went through.
  2. How did you come to love comics?

    Short answer: Generous neighbour(s) *** Long answer: As a very young child, I used to race to the door on certain days of the week to grab "The Beezer" before my brother and "Misty" before my sister. Some years later, we had a new neighbour whose husband and sons had amassed too many comics for their loft to hold and so she would give us piles of their older comics (including Spiderman nos. 1+, Hulk nos 1+, Doc Strange, Rampage, Mad and Frantic) in order to clear space for more meaningful loft clutter. I loved these comics - they made the Beezer and Misty seem so tame and childish. My brother started to buy DC comics with his Saturday job money and, of course, I would sneak a read of these. However, I preferred the Marvel cast-offs as I found the DC superheroes to be far too squeaky clean and shiny. Then our kindly neighbour from heaven handed me (because I always said "thank you") a great pile of 2000ADs: issue 1 through to about 100. All in pristine condition. My brother, by that time, had discovered girls and had only a passing interest in this strange comic with its green host: Tharg. I, on the other hand, became hooked. I even got myself a weekend waitressing job (for which I lied about my age) so I could buy the current issues. I remember developing a fantasy crush on the tusked chappie in the Halo Jones series (I was already weird: Captain Scarlett used to rock my young boat too!) I also remember the day that 2000AD went full colour as I hated the change and stopped buying it for a while. To fill the void, I started to read and collect a new comic called Hellblazer. And in later years at uni, because I didn't know better - having no role model other than the kindly neighbour from heaven - I gave all of my early Hellblazers to a guy I used to hang out with. (Doh! Doh! Doh!) Oh...and the pristine set of 2000AD's and early Marvel issues? As soon as I had left home to attend college, Mum redecorated my bedroom and placed all of my comics in boxes in the garden shed. Mice, damp and mould killed off any possibility of early retirement from the sale of first editions. I didn't appreciate the enormity of these losses until shopping for replacement back issues in my early thirties.
  3. Hellblazer #297

    Five years ago, I would have given a big shit. Now, I'd give a few rabbit pellets. The kind they release after being fed too much corn.
  4. She's delightful. Check out her photo below - taken when she was younger and had teeth...
  5. Do these people need therapy or different friends?
  6. My band

    Thumpingly delicious.
  7. The Introduce Yourself Thread

    Hi there Red! Nice to see that you are still kicking. Nah...she got an iPod instead and now spends a lot of time making a video log of her life. By which I mean she films something and then spends a lot of webcam time pulling faces about it.
  8. The Introduce Yourself Thread

    Hi Heathen! Hope you are well! <Waves> Time has flown truly fast. It seems that one minute I was changing her nappy, the next she was asking for an iPhone 4S.
  9. The Introduce Yourself Thread

    Hello, my nickname is still Carmody. I have a daughter who will be eight in October. I teach programming to students who I hope will remember me when they are rich internet entrepreneurs. I've been in bed with Constantine since issue 1 though being a young silly student at the time I gave my mint issues 1-30 away to a boy I fancied. I get confused and have to lie down especially when people tell me what will happen in Game of Thrones before I watch it. I hope that you are all well. C
  10. Forthcoming Attractions

    Dogpoet, "...lesbian rave-bunny vampires..."???! Can I please have a signed copy?
  11. is wondering when the transformation into Facebook will be complete

  12. Declare a love for something

    My circle of folk (not the ones trying to exorcise me) Large carton of popcorn. Salt on top, sweet below. Books by John Connolly, Jeff Vandermeer and Sheri Tepper Spongebob Squarepants Buzz and Monkey Buzz (PS3 games) with family/friends Jogging Go Ape Disaronno
  13. Neil Gaiman's Coraline

    Alongside the original Ladybird artwork in "Three Billy Goats Gruff", Coraline is the only child's novel to give me nightmares as an adult. Great stuff! Can't wait for the movie. Thanks for these posts - I didn't know that a film was being made of this terrific work.
  14. Have you ever tried this website? http://ask.metafilter.com It looks like people with far more sketchy book descriptions than yours have got results. http://ask.metafilter.com/tags/book Thanks! Have registered and now have a week before I can pose my question - which gives me plenty of time to come up with more.