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  1. The Hellblazer Trade Paperback Thread

    Yeah, it'll be hard to track that fall-out mind as any likely new readers are probably going to pick up trades from Amazon or their local book shop. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It doesn't help that this month, in the regular title, they are publishing part 4 of a 4 part story. If DC really wanted to maximize this movie exposure they should have planned a few one shots for Jan/Feb/March and then suck in new fans by starting a multi parter in April. Nothing like having a new reader wander in a comic store and randomly pick up part 4 of a story arc.
  2. Should they rename "Hellblazer" to "Constantine" ?

    No way! Should they have changed the title of Batman in 1995 to Batman Forever?
  3. I was there. I was hoping to get a feel if the men behind Constantine had any love for the source material. I submitted a question asking if there was anything from the comics they wanted to include but couldn't. It didn't get asked. My favorite question was "What is your favorite Hellblazer story?" the director stated Dangerous Habits and Keanu gave a "me too". Now granted 75% of fans also list this as their fave but I would have gave Reeves mad props if he came out with "Royal Blood" or "Difficult Beginnings". My rear will still be in the theatre seat tommorow, I've been waiting 13 years to see John on screen.
  4. Anyone going to see it then ?

    I'm going. I'm of course dissapointed in the way things turned out, but it still looks pretty interesting. It can't be worse than Batman and Robin. Here is what I am optimistic about: It's Rated R John has Lung cancer (early script reports indicated it was brain cancer)
  5. Some pretty good commentary on [i]HB[/i]

    New to the boards here and I was wondering what the consensus is on Peter Milligan's Shade the Changing Man. I really enjoyed this title during its run, it never surpassed Hellblazer as my favorite but it was a nice change of pace. Milligan had a lot of fun with wording and the unpredictability of the plot made for a unique experience. We need more trades of this title, the American Scream isn’t the best representation of the title, Shade really didn't hit its stride until the 30s
  6. Hellblazer 40

    I would agree with leaving Kit in the past for now. She is a great character and her whole arc is that she doesn't want anything to do with the magic side of John, which of course John can't escape.