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  1. This sounds good, I like it. Tales of the early con-job would b fun as well. An arrogant, bloody n winning John, gleefully breaking hearts n heads of boys n girls in a charming fashion, the character we loved being sexy n dangerous, yes plz
  2. I did, but they say that they R out of stock until further notice and when I asked 4 it 2 B ordered they said that there are no more being published, :huh: also Amazon won't have any 'till March at some point.
  3. I hope they do release a trade of The Fear Machine, that’s the comic that 1st got me in2 Hellblazer. :cool: Cannot seem 2 find a copy of Station’s of the Cross anywhere at the mo, and it’s the only trade that Im missing from my collection.
  4. Nagrom

    If only....

    Fantasic! :D a BBC mini is a great idea, wish they would indeed.
  5. Its not really in the past 12 months Pnergen, but a interesting 'artistic comic' was called 'RAW'. I think it started out in the late 80's 'till mid 90's and it might have been the 1st to run 'Maus' and a few other well know strips/artists. I'll c if i can dig out the details 4 u if it helps. Man, what a great subject 4 a PhD. :D
  6. Nagrom

    Lady Constantine

    James - To be honest, it's all I can remember. Me 2! nice, sexy mmmmm..pirate love
  7. Nagrom

    Have you found God?

    I belive in God but not religion.
  8. yes I have several in different colours, in fact over the Xmas season I was looking for a new one, as my previous was too covered in blood, vomit and piss, when I found out in many stores in London had loads of JC's style trenches, this years must have! I bought 3... I realize now how very sad I am.
  9. We all know about John's punk background and he's been a pretty hip dude through out the story, so there's a hint of what the JC backing track might have been, but what Id like to know is what, if any, of the current music scene would he be listening to? Would he dig rap, mabey grime. Is he a Libertines fan, does he sometimes get jiggy with Missy? What would he think of Eminiem, Bloc Party, Arcade Fire, Sigur Ros, Foo Fighters, White Stripes, Queens of the Stone-Age, blah blah blah. Mabey he's an just an Oasis fan, he seems to know a lot of Beatles or would he just stick to old faves like the pistols, ramones, etc. As a working class bloke in the UK John would know music is the pulse of the country, therefore what are your suggestions? Who would he really like/hate?
  10. Gotta be Delano for me too...I've read the Fear Machine run over and over again for about 17 years
  11. Nagrom

    Cover to #214

    wow! :D you guys must feel sooo proud what a smashing artist Tim is and what a wonderful gift a true treasure
  12. Just finished All His Engines. Classic. :cool: Mabey 'the' one to first show a friend whose only seen the movie? Manko - Top.
  13. JC must have a great dentist, bet he gets his work done when hes the States
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