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  1. I thought I'd given up on all things mutant following the Days of Future Past movie. But this looks fucking great! Maybe it's just the Johnny Cash, which you can't help be moved by.
  2. I lost interest about 5 episodes in. I may watch the rest this Christmas period as the schedules for the TV look pretty dire with very little worth watching being broadcast.
  3. Of course they do. Since the Marvel Cinematic Universe has taken off in such a huge way everyone is trying to emulate that success. Sony is trying to milk as much out of the Spider-Man franchise as they possibly can whilst they still own the rights to the characters.
  4. My wife asked me exactly the same question. Out of the comic book based TV shows that are on at the moment (and there seems to be dozens) this is my favourite right now. It is so much fun and Grant Gustin is perfect as Barry Allen.
  5. I don't think his bisexuality is a defining characteristic, so I won't be bothered if it is or isn't a part of the show. I don't know how much sex or talk of sex there's going to be in the show, but it would be a shame to not even acknowledge it in passing. But as we've seen on this forum in the past there are bisexual and homosexual people that identify with John in some respects and this aspect of his character is particular important to them so the outcry doesn't surprise me in the least.
  6. That's awesome! I would never have believed it had I not seen the images for myself.
  7. Nope. I am in May Pretty sure it's me you're thinking of Christian as mine is early March. I was first introduced to Hellblazer late 1993 or early 1994 by a university friend who loaned me his copy of Original Sins and I loved it, he then gave me a few more Delano issues to read until I got to the point where I just needed to start buying it for myself.
  8. May is more convenient for me as I'll be out of the country for half of January. I do like JasonT's argument that we should celebrate the birthday of the 'fictional' John Constantine.
  9. Wow. That looks pretty darn cool. Looking at the website reveals it is an MMORPG, I wonder what the gameplay will be like.
  10. It's been so long I cannot believe that it will turn out anything like it would have. I have mixed feelings about the completion of the series now. Is it worth it? Will the result be any good?
  11. electricinca

    DCU rebirth

    Also I'm thinking that this is just some kinda marketing ploy that will spin out of Flashpoint and it will all get undone over the course of the following year.
  12. electricinca

    DCU rebirth

    Fuck this shit. I don't care about most of the DCU but if they reboot Batman and get rid of Damian and demote and de-age Dick to Robin etc. I think that would be a massive shame. I think Morrison has done some fantastic stuff with Batman over the past five years and also seeing what other writers have come up with the characters in the new status quo that he's given them.
  13. Why does that seem really dirty to me?
  14. Reading the start of this thread I noticed this bit posted by Mark also. Not only did Morrison pull off the feat of creating a Superman series that lives up to the idea of what the character should represent but he's also had Batman face off against Darkseid and win (albeit not in a stand-up knock-down brawl).
  15. I'm inclined to agree with Mark as I think that the movie will flop given that they have gone for the whole Green Lantern shebang there with Oa, the Guardians, Sinestro, Parallax etc. I think it would have been better to have gone with a completely Earth based movie with Abin Sur being the only alien and have Hal Jordan up against some Earthly threat only then to have him be dragged off to Oa by the ring as an epilogue then to introduce the whole bigger scope of the Green Lantern Corps in the sequel. Having said that I did quite enjoy the trailer.
  16. Planning to see it on Sunday with Amy, my brother and his girlfriend.
  17. Hear an Excerpt From Alan Moore's Unearthing http://pitchfork.com/news/38864-hear-an-excerpt-from-alan-moores-iunearthingi/
  18. So it might be worth a look even if Shoot is sub-par. Although I've probably got all the various anthology books Vertigo put out then so I'll have copies of the stories somewhere.
  19. He 'died' in Final Crisis and I think kinda in Batman: RIP too, but I think it was Darkseid's Omega Beams that seemed to have killed him in Final Crisis that sets off this whole time-travel Return of Bruce Wayne thing.
  20. I really think there's potential here with Damian as Robin. No guarantee that it will be worth buying but I'm sold just because it's Morrison and Quitely.
  21. Morrison interview on this http://uk.comics.ign.com/articles/961/961488p1.html Me very happy.
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