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  1. Yessir, it be BKV. The guy in the chair is Jono. He is angsting as only mutants can angst! Like this: angstangstangst. I solved a crime! But people hate mutants. Also I am a shallow person, and lack a mouth. Boo!
  2. So apparently, Jonothan Evans Starsmore is a fan of John's old band. Horray for angsty British mutants with half their faces blown off. From Marvel Icons, Chamber 4-part mini-series, issue 4. This has been another elusive Keet sighting. *Vanish!
  3. You'll never catch me alive! *Disappears*
  4. The trailers kinda remind me of 'Cliver Barker's Undying', the game (with the zappy spells and creepy demon stuff and whatnot), though I've yet to see 'Constantine' in action. Am really more the look-over-your-shoulders-while-you-play type anyways. It does look like a lot of effort's been put into the game site, though. I mean, hell, the flash version of the movie site wasn't up until, what, a month before the actual movie came out in the US? That's kinda sad, 'cause I remember I was all hyped up with the X-men 2 movie site six months before its opening day. (It's also pretty sad that Qusoor's icon (which I adore, by the way) looks more like the real John than Keanu.) Any game-savvy people tried 'Constantine' yet?
  5. I really liked the involvement of gods from other cultures into Hellblazer, like that Rainbow Serpent bit, Kali, and death-god-whose-name-I-can't-pronounce-much-less-spell in Engines. Have been an avid lover of mythology since I was a kid, and I really liked the Sandman idea of gods existing because we believe them to. So it'd make me smile muchly if during suggested world tour, round two, some god of the non-monastic variety crossed his path. Or more than one, from different cultures, that'd be shneat.
  6. Okay, created a thread for my (and Fire Griffin's, she's a friend I dragged to the forum today) little MS Paint doodles. They'll be collected over there. http://hellblazer.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=1080
  7. Hey, hey, where did this thread suddenly pop out of? I don't check back here in a day, and look what happens. I should make a thread in the 'show your wares' for all my crappy MS Paint doodles. God knows there'll be more. Hey, I'm a newbie (comparatively) around here, so I'll just draw random doodles instead! Oh, and that Batman picture is gorgeous.
  8. >_> <_<... Probably! I'll see what I can do with my 1 minute MS paint doodles. Don't know if it'll be finished today, as I have shitload of homework that I've yet to start on. Am quite fond of my mini-Constantines.
  9. Not even a week has passed, and already there's five pieces of Constantine fiction at the pit of voles, including one of the most piss-awful poems I've ever read, and this post-movie piece of crap where Balthazar develops a conscience and is sympathetic to Johnny's weepy angst. Of course, this is all under the movie section (snort, Hellblazer hasn't even got its own section under Comics, which just pisses). I haven't the faintest clue why I keep coming back to this site. Thankfully, none are exceedingly long. Any masochists out there, you can laugh and/or cry at them here.
  10. If it weren't called 'Hellblazer', Ellis wouldn't have been able to pull that horribly awesome "Hell blaze" thing in 'Haunted'. (Then again, it wouldn't have been able to use it in the movie, either, shit.) I'd have to agree that 'Constantine' makes for a considerably less cheesy name than 'Hellblazer' (probably why the movie was called thusly), but then everyone'd pronounce it wrong. Me included, eeh...
  11. Dillon's art has always looked a bit... plain to me. And the girls look like guys, which bothers me somewhat. Anyways, it's not really the style I go for, or picture John in. I'm halfway tempted to vote for Bradstreet because he draws incredibly sexy backs. And backs are hard to draw. That's two covers already that's just John's bare back, and they are both very, very sexy. Do covers count though? Technically, Bradstreet's only illustrated one issue of Hellblazer, I think. The covers are gorgeous, but if we're counting them, I'm going to have to go for Dave McKean because, hell, I think they were pretty. John Higgins should be on the list too, no? Personally, I'm torn between Manco and Philliips. Both of their art really appeal to me, and I think they do a good job of representing John. Might have to go with Phillips, even though I love the thing Manco has with using fingerprints to ink John's stubble. Stupid sexy old men.
  12. Well, I really liked that 'Twilight of the Superheroes' idea of Alan Moore's, if only for the reason that John screws everyone over. 'Cept Batman, because you can't beat Batman. A friend of mine and I enjoy the idea of John hanging (begrudgingly) with Spider Jerusalem. They can have contests to see who the bigger bastard is. Something like that. Scurrying away now.
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