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  1. Oldmoore

    batman must reads

    I just read Gotham county line. I liked it. It´s a stand alone story and avaible as Trade. It´s a very dark tale with zombies, "Deadman" and bit an overburdened Batman.
  2. I would make more quality for less price! No..seriously not everthing that has a good qualtity easily sells good! All we can do is keep on buying it and so support the series! I will buy when the Trade about the Mina Run comes out! Every single issue here´s hard to find or too expensive to buy and I only read the Orginal Sin and the whole Ennis Trades! Now I heading for Mina´s (and I really hope it comes) !Thank you that I kept updated with Hellblazer by this side.
  3. Yet I didn´t read the house of M. I´m heading for. Just read the final part of "Astonishing X MEN - Dangerous"! Liked it! Rasputin is again in the astonishing team! I also like the new costumes! Redesigned or modified from the good old days into modern days!An eyecatcher except Cyclops gothic baby outfit (black with golden stripes)!
  4. 1. Tim Sale! Could never understand how someone would like his paintings! In my opinion overrated and also I never understood that redesign in sixty style he writes on his banner! He tries to draw like Mignola but fails! You loser Sale!!
  5. I´m so excited...that I just can´t hide it...la la la
  6. Oldmoore

    Big books of comics

    Just finished Conqueror Worm from Mignola. Great I loved it! I read it in the english edition. There are translated here on the market but they are printed in b/w, but I like the colours of the orginal american issue. Also read Seed of Destruction. Next one I´ll pick up is"Wake the devil"! RA RA RASPUTIN...It´s a favourite song here from the 70´s!(You know what I mean)
  7. Graet pics! The huge Hb is a bit too big for me. Have no room for the 18 one. I´m still looking for the little exclusive with coat! But I´m sure he´ll find his way to me...
  8. Kiki Dee? No! Kinki Afro (anyone remember Happy Mondays?) But do as a favor and leave your womens rights outside the forum just I mean theses ones and a big hello to Kinky:
  9. Defender of the lost tapes a watcher would rent at last? No can´t say that. Both movies I haven´t seen yet. Madsen had a short appearance! Can´t say much about it. I liked Bruce more than Marv. Ok like I said the before Sin City didn´t give me much but the end with "...a good deal!" was like that what we´re exspecting from Bruce Willis since "Armageddon". It wasn´t something new, but it had something.
  10. Does anyone like me think that New Bond Daniel Craig would have been perfect for playing JC? (That was something completely different I know!)
  11. Oldmoore

    Big books of comics

    wolverine enemy of the state Volume one Art isn´t mine favourite. Senior Romita was better. Storylineplot (Wolvie´s mission) was like creating the wheel new! But how he got there was quite interesting. One of the X´s dies by his claws (But for how long?) but lot a involved for a Wovlerine solo! CAP, Nick Fury, Iron Man, Hydra, Daredevil Elektra etc. Somehow I liked it. Maybe it´s the paranoid discussion in Wolverine´s thoughts! Remembers me also a lot based on elements of the x 2 movie or better to say a few ideas mixed up. Coming soon the next TPB (because it´s an 12 issues series) and I just read Vol 1. To complete it I´m going to read the Volume Two also! Could be worse but I don´t hope so!
  12. Cover artist of Hellblazer who made the covers for the Ennis run(also did excellent work for every Preacher cover), right?
  13. Here are my Vertigos: 4) Cassidy 3) John Constantine 2) Tim Hunter 1) Sandman Here are my four Marvels: 4) Spiderman 3) Punisher 2) Nightcrawler 1) Wolverine Here my DCs: nearly made it (so I put him on 5) NIGHTWING (but has been beaten by Superman) 4) Superman (classic ever) 3) Batman 2) Joker 1)Hal Jordan Here are my Dark Horse ones: 4) Alucard (YES! ONE MANGA CHARACTER MADE IT! But there can only be one!) 3) Quinlan Vos 2) Hellboy 1) Conan And finally not to forget my favourite IMAGE characters: 4) Mammon 3) Ian Nottingham 2) Spawn 1) Jackie Estacado That´s all folks!
  14. I loved the publsihing form in Germany in the eighties, You got for 4,80 DM (ca. 2,40 €) a small paperbackbookhardcovers of nearly 180 pages in smaller form than the originals but every one with one complete four issues series adventure and 2 issues of a character of the publisher´s universe! Every three month one issue from one series. o.k we were nearly 2 or more years from the american issues! There were single titles of Avengers, Spidey, Hulk, Conan, X Men, F4 from Marvel and Batman and Superman in a thiner small paperbackbookhardcover with 100 pages for 4,80 DM (also 2,40 €). That was all. All books kept space for 2 issues of Daredevil or solo issues from characters not so well known here! The titles were much more manageable and were tried to be translated exactly in right written german language word forms or were translated in the meaning (which I liked very much because there are many examples were wordgames are different because of their language nad culture). For a comic today (example for complete 4 or 6 issue miniseries) sometimes you´ve to pay 10 € or more ( 20 DM) for 128 (or less) pages in a (from me called)comicartbook in original format just 4 months behind the original issue (I also think the geman license for printing Marvel and DC is very high). O.k for X MEN here I have to pay 5.95 € (12 DM) for 100 pages (mixed series with 4 issues) and Wolverine with 52 pages for 3,65 € (7,30 DM) (per issue one regular and one changing mini) Nowadays too expensive, too much titles, no right german printed form (Alll words are exactly translated from the original but all words are written big which we don´t have in our written language!) I learned to have fun with reading by reading comics! I was ever good in german only by my spare time with reading comics! Today I like more buying an actionfigure from my golden comic days to remind me of good times or visit my childhoodheroes in cinema when they hit the screen! The dead not dead thing is horrible! You´re right with that!
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