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  1. Okay, these are excellent suggestions and give me a good plan. Is Hawkeye in trades yet? What about Saga?
  2. All right, what I like in comics. First of all, I love super heroes. When I read a comic, I want to read about super heroes. I am also a huge martial arts fan so I tend to gravitate to the super hero books with the most fighting. I've recently love love loved Ed Brubacker's take on Iron Fist, my favorite character. Also spotted the Daredevil trades by Bendis, that looks good, love that character. Can I get links to synposes or images of Saga, Fatale, and these other titles we're discussing?
  3. I fell out of the habit of collecting my weekly pull back when I first started having kids, just because I had less time and, naturally, less money! So I haven't hardly bought comics for the past 6 years or more. What have I missed? Couple observations off the top of my head: -I struggle to find the comics I like and don't want to spend the time or money to read something only to find I don't like it. I know what I like, style, tone and characters, but struggle to *find* it. I guess that's why you need comic book friends, right? To share info. -Comics are too expensive and too short. Single issues are too short and it feels like trades are long enough but a bit expensive. Why haven't we solved this problem yet, releasing comics in longer form, reasonably priced formats? -Is everyone mad at DC over this most recent whatsis, resetting of the characters into the first 52 or what do you call it? -How's Vertigo? -How's Marvel? -I seem to have a difficult time finding and following the writers and artists I like. Why isn't the industry more consistent this way, in helping me navigate this? For regular print books, when I fidn a writer I like, I go read all his stuff. I try to do this on comics but it seems they spread the good writers too thin or on too many projects and don't do enough to promote the up and comers. Okay, so a bit of a ramble but... hello. What's going on?
  4. I was looking at that in the store, too, and was really impressed. But agree it should have come out as one trade.
  5. For me, it's: Diggle and Carey battling it out for first place Ennis and Delano on the second tier, battling, everyone else in a vast pot of tepid pudding. Am I in the minority here?
  6. Try as I might, I cannot remember a damn thing about Jenkins' run except, like, "Widdershins," and that one about King Arthur with "Rich the Punk."
  7. Man, Qusoor and Ade really nailed it, methinks. I feel pretty much the same way.
  8. It's also rather subtle. And for that alone, Jenkins deserves HUGE props. Thanks, guys. I did read that one but ave forgotten it. I'll have to see if I still have it and reread it.
  9. What happened there? I don't remember. Which issue was it? Right! But refresh my memory on that one...?
  10. The former, you arse! As I said, this bothered me even when I was an agnostic. Mark is putting it much better than I did. So, wait, why is the girl, Astra, from the Newcastle incident - why did she go to hell? Tom, your theological no-prize resembles some people's versions of reality, that the infernal and evil is much more visible in the world than the celestial and good, which is gentle, invisible, overlooked. virginiatiger: If the world of HB had a cosmology that was consistent it would explain the existence of multiple pantheons of gods. Kinda like Marvel does! :D Vulgaris: that doesn't sound nitpicky at all. This is, to my mind, a continuity problem that has plagued the book for years. In fact, it makes Hellblazer at times downright silly and something I have not enjoyed reading. Red: no argument there, about demons being easier to write about, but as I said there is a wealth of folklore from multiple cultures on this subject and HB, as Mark pointed out, only pulls bits and pieces from this body of world literature. It'd be a much better book if it made some attempts at consistency. I really don't understand why John hates God. Has anyone ever described him in Hellblazer? Just "The Snob," right?
  11. Hm, yeah, I see what you mean. Although if HB drew on the wealth of folklore surrounding Judeo-Christian demonology, it would make for a stronger reference with relevant background. Departing as it does from this background, it reduces the demons to... super heroes. Monsters. Faceless, Cthulu-like villains - actually, the Cthulu comparison is unfair, since Lovecraft had a great rationale and consistency to the Cthulu mythos.
  12. I read, but slept through, Jenkins run (sorry! No offense intended!). What was Jenkins' take?
  13. Interesting view, Venkman, and one I could live with. So, James, the reason Cheryl and her husband are in hell is because, even though they were good churchy types, they believed they were polluted, had sinned beyond repair, and therefore, "saved" or not, got sucked into hell? (They are in hell, right?) Isn't that kind of... lame? And God just goes, "Well, my faithful servants, you think you should go to hell, therefore, yeah, go ahead." Has Constantine ever said anything about it? Does he have an opinion? I guess under Ennis he did but it was... juvenile. And how, again, do you get to the third place? You get lost on the way there, or...?
  14. So, obviously this kinf of inconsistency bothers Mark and me - does it bother anyone else? I just think it's like.... I mean we have all these demonic characters fleshed out. Why not the other side? God as portrayed in this book is simply absent or represented by aloof automata.
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