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  1. Spoken like a ture Stewie! Excellent news.
  2. The whole movie has been justified by this comment alone. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Oh, you naysayer! ;) Hell, I have to pledge allegiance to the Alba - my dad practically melts at the mention of her name! (And you don't want to see how squirelly he gets over barcode tattoos!)
  3. Alright, alright... It's one thing not to bag and board 'em, it's another entirely to step on them! "Walk on," indeed.
  4. Ahh, buy JS always was a wise-crackin' smarmy lad. I'm still wondering why anyone would want to make Jessica Alba invisible.
  5. Interesting.... Any reviews from you lot yet?
  6. No matter how many times I've read Good Omens, I don't get past even the author's page without laughing! (Much like watching Rosencranz and Guildenstern...) I've gone through numerous copies just lending it out. Eager for Anansi Boys. Also eager to check out the comicization of Neverwhere. Thanks for the early review!
  7. Thanks for all the great work. You'll be sorely missed, I'm sure. I do look forward to catching your future work, though, wherever it may lead you. Please continue to stop by once in a while to let us know what's new. Keep on keepin' on... Cheers, Pru
  8. Don't know if you guys have posted these before, so excuse any repeats. Found this while looking for something else at work today: More here: http://www.baddaystudio.com/motivation.html
  9. i figured you'd know that. it does explain so of the overly theatrical bits, though. Although more heavily armed, this roundier Batmobile is less likely to be recalled as a hazardous toy! http://www.consumer.org.nz/newsitem.asp?do...topic=Batmobile
  10. Batman What? Batman Whatever? Not familiar with it. Actually, my ex is one of those annoying "poi" dancers that run around everywhere with twirling glo-sticks and blacklight reactive paint. The scary thing is that I actually slept with him! So, there is a vague correlation there.... ;)
  11. You just reminded me of another detail I really liked. Whereas the Burton Batman showed the death of the Waynes frame for frame to the orig comic storyline with the close up of the broken pearl necklace, I like the way this one implied those scenes, with the sound of the beads bouncing away...
  12. Hans Zimmer did the music. I actually prefer him to having Prince do another. Still like Elfman best. Both me'n'the boyfriend really enjoyed the movie. Maybe because I'd toned down my expectations a bit after seeing some of your reviews. Not the greatest, but not an insulting let down. Good lighting, too. REALLY glad that the only noticable nipples were those of the of-so-perky Katie Holmes! (And no complaints there - they seem to be one of her more developed talents!) I still really dig this version of the Batmobile and it was fun to get to focus on the gadgets. I've always been fond of the gadgets. Thought this was one of the better Oldman roles in a long time. And you know, come to think of it, I think I planted some blue poppies in the garden. If you here of an unprecidented crime spree in Toronto, you'll know they grew successfully. If not, I will have to enlist Poison Ivy for my next gardening ventures....
  13. I'm fairly forgiving of Batman because they got the colouring and lighting right. The Prince soundtrack, however was far too distracting and that whole musical number in the gallery made me retch. The misplaced Harvey Dent references bothered me, too. Still, better than a number of attempts at converting comics to film at the time. (Unless you count Howard the Duck.) I enjoyed the 2nd flick, Batman Returns, more because it seemed to have a more graphic style. And no over-the-top soundtrack (just a Siouxsie song at the ball, and subtly so). Plus, it was fun to watch all the comic shops that got blown up. BTW, apparently Burton was never a comic book fan (a fact I always found odd). From there on, the whole franchise (don't you hate that term applied to films? And yet, so appropriate!) takes a huge dive. Beginning with the colour and lighting. These things mean a lot to me. Especially when adapting one art form to another. Yet another reason Sin City made me squeal with glee. (Honestly!) I thought the short-lived Birds of Prey tv series did a decent job as well. Loved the colour-blocking in the background shots, not to mention the Huntress' costumes. All in all, though, since the Batman movies began, there has been a huge shift to acknowledge the validity of comic books when brought to film and it seems that more respect is being paid. There is, of course, one glaring exception. Constantine. Ugh.
  14. Could this put me in the running? Age 5 (1975):
  15. But why does it show the figures moving? To do that you would have to <gasp!> take them out of the packaging!!! To quote yet again: "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Silly girl: toys are for playing with. FREE THEM! FREE THEM ALL! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah - I've mentioned before that the BF keeps threatening to unwrap Dark Witch Willow and Mace Windu and make them do dirty things. Given the fact she's a 6" figure and he's a 3 1/4" (is that right?) figure, the *ahem* proportions oughta fit, if you know what I mean, know what I mean!
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