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  1. Any other readers here? And if not why not, shit's amazing http://killsixbilliondemons.com/
  2. haha Reynard's comment to Jack was exactly what the group consensus was on SA. Similarly Annie's scooting out on Kat and Paz this morning
  3. Just did a deep search of the forum and this was one of the few posts about this web comic I have found. You reading it still Mickey? I just read the entire archive last month, and have really fallen for it. Its also quite a lot of fun seeing Tom's writing and drawing abilities mature (as do the characters). Its really ace.
  4. This. Just saw it and, other than him not sounding right to my headcannon, it was John alright. Halfway through the pilot I was thinking it had superseded the movie. It had the exact right mix of humor, cruelty, and humanity IMO.
  5. A dude who's thirst for human penis can only be rivaled by that of one Mr. John Constantine. wow is my hangover showing? Do you know the best cure for a hangover? Dog vomit. Wait no that's the worst nm
  6. True yet the New 52 cheerleaders still hold out hope that Zed means Zatanna. Misguided I know She actually looks more like Zatanna than Zed to me, but whatever, seems like an improvement over the helpless companion type. (Hopefully that one puts on the Helm of Fate and flies off into the night)
  7. I have NFI why my copy pasta from another forum is bolded like that Could one of our Brits please weigh in and tell me where his accent places him? Doesn't sound Scouse, but I only know one (plus the Beatles of course) so my sample size is limited. Doesn't really sound anywhere, like the vaguely BBC English of Tennant from Doctor Who. Will now go read the rest of the thread and see who previously answered this e. Mark, Ade, Jason, and Pooka, thanks!
  8. Been thinking about this some more. One of the annoying conceits from the film they seem to have kept is the whole "being able to see what is REALLY around you" thing. What worked for me best about the comic was the "any [over-used word] can do it" part of magic. John's just this con guy who does it, nothing special about him beyond that. And the best story lines weren't IMO him facing off against big supernatural bad guys (lets face it, Ennis' First of the Fallen was a joke), but how people, normal people, could be horrible cruel bastards, and the magic was just a means (or not even, see The Family Guy). Newcastle was partly about a botched exorcism, sure, but it was really about child sexual abuse and the depravity of some adults. And even Nergal eventually became a joke.
  9. Him lighting a Silk Cut for instance. He also doesn't have enough edge. Still, just saw this and am cautiously excited.
  10. HAHAHA I used to work with the brother of one of the original screen play authors. No I have not seen him in years and cannot ask him to pass notes on. Am more interested in this project now TBH
  11. up to date with the mango now, may go back and reread it entirely from the beginning because, whereas the action sequences suck in still panels, the story is somewhat broader and the characters more interesting (Levi is not quite the superhero, Hanji is not half mad, etc.)
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