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  1. https://mobile.twitter.com/sispurrier/status/1181524358315069440?s=12&fbclid=IwAR0gc1YOEvSMtgKrHm4ZsNIIq89D-8pLRNj1x7A5Z23CdNu3dXN_cj3Llus
  2. Kinda cool and sad that the one shot acknowledges Tefé by reference for the first time in nearly 15 years after Swampy's 4th vol (2004-05). Then again, considering The Mustache and Milligan, we should be grateful she's been in limbo for this long. Re: Art- anyone noticed a slight nod to Sean Murphy a bit with the zipper patterns on the coat sleeves?
  3. Almost wenr over analysis kode but goddamn it, give me October 30th already!!
  4. Ironic considering how Frusin drew the trench coat that long in the 2000-2003 (especially late Azzarello and early Carey) period long before Tennant and 10th's coat came into public view
  5. Especially when that arc from the NBC series was never Berlanti's Guggenheim's or Legends' showrunner to begin with. Makes me more forgiving of the New 52, Doyle-Tynion IV and the Genie crap (not really saying much for either one)
  6. Or if Gaiman can ween our John & Matt away from the Berlanti Ghetto for a guest appearance in Sandman triggering a new series spun off from it w/ Books of Magic in tow
  7. Given restrictions and mandating capes (i.e. the JL cameo both his one-shot and Seeley's 3 parter and the final issues with Huntress), sap out is an understatement
  8. Since its Gaiman and Spurrier, I trust their word deeply compared to Oliver (and I wished he was given Swamp Thing instead of them putting the old guard in Len Wein for it to get the Abby stuff sorted out and close the damned Djinn shite there) and Seeley did fine despite the shoehorned capes and poor art after Merino.
  9. Shiiit. I'd take those 4 years as a coma dream at this point
  10. Same. Considering a decade of shit between Milligan, the New52/DCYou & Rebirth (with a fraction exception to Seeley), there's nowhere to go but up* for the moment *Unless Cacarot (DiDio) fucks it all to to the shitter for another episode of why he'll never be Jim Shooter (and Paul Levitz was a whole fool for giving him a job in Editoral in the first place all those years ago)
  11. If so, it'd be a better career highlight than being Not!Vader
  12. Demon Chas08

    DC Comics

    .....😑 between Alan Horn (the WB exec who killed DC by screwing over the inprint and bringing in Dan DiDio who's now running a Live Action Remake Mill*) and Tom Rothman (his own exec meddling during same 12 years at Fox as Horn's tenure at the WB), I wish neither fucker made it as far they did; especially Horn. He got his wish far as turning DC into the branding wasteland and nothing gets spared. We know what they'll pump out with Black Label will be only Capes so the likes of Miller and Azz can get more work. DC is dead to me Mark my words, the only TPBs for our John they'll put out is the New 52/DCYou/Rebirth material and the stuff we enjoyed will suffer the same fate Paul Jenkins' run did for a long time (til 2014) *might as well call the House of Mouse that anyway outside of Marvel
  13. Thus the blame lies on the doorsteps of Warner and its AT&T overlords
  14. And bang goes what little goodwill WB/AT&T ever gained from the DCU stream. Now folks will worry about Doom Patrol's fate because of this. Good luck on reclaiming the customers they just lost from this choice.
  15. OH, I do hope so. Anything to get him and our John away from the CW Ghetto
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