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  1. The Taggart-less Taggart approach

    Gonna have to agree with Christian. Hell, we've not even seen Tefé in the decade since Diggle and Dysart and she like Gemma (the real one as we last saw her under Carey and Mina) buggered of to the same Waffle pocket universe Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain were hiding in soon as DiDio and Johns got their grubby hands on our John
  2. New Writer Starting With Issue 13

    Ok, so having read this issue while in route to work, it does have something going for it* even for a now 3 part fill in far as introductions go. Seely got our John's voice on point and Merino's art feels right back at where we ought to have been after Diggle as opposed to what we ended up getting 8 years ago around this time. *Said this about Oliver but we been deep throated by Djinn and a bride of a Elemental who's now Blue!Lady Jane
  3. Justice League Dark

    Just let the concept die and revive Shadowpact
  4. The Hellblazer #11 & 12

    Finally read the two. Its Denise Mina all over again except Djinn is the new Empathy. The arc should've been capped off at #6 then different story would've took its place. That plus the Book plot thread of Lapdogs and Englishmen molded into one giant muddle As for the missing Abby, that other plot thread would've bern more investing had the DiDiot greenlit a Swamp Thing: Rebirth title so that thread csn conclude there.
  5. And that couldn't be Mako from Diggle's run WHY, Simon??
  6. New Writer Starting With Issue 13

    Turkish Tony's* remembers.... *Pepperidge Farm's taken
  7. New Writer Starting With Issue 13

    But on Oliver: Like Denise Mina a decade before, he got the voice and swagger of our John but not the story. For Mina, it was the Third Place & for Oliver, its the Djinn. Which is a pity even more since he's one of us. Credit where credits due,at least Johns and DiDio didn't hijack the run for their "All the bad stuff you dislike is all Alan Moore's fault (even though we're the real monsters)!!" campaign
  8. WGN America Gets Scalped

    "Banshee's" Doug Jung will adapt the crime noir drama set on a Native American reservation. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/wgn-america-adapting-dc-comics-696035
  9. The Hellblazer #5

    6 The Marj update was interesting though I assumed the compound would still be aound unless The Shadow Dog wiped them out save for her, Merc, Zed and Errol. Missing Moritat but with they could keep Pia around more as her art is better than what's coming in Febuary
  10. John in a kid's show...Nope, not a joke

    Pretty sure the 2005 eyesore was PG-13
  11. John in a kid's show...Nope, not a joke

    *sigh* And just like that Cartoon Network is officially dead to me
  12. The Hellblazer #4

    If you're saying what I think you're saying here, I find it difficult to give DC a hard time over it. Expecting them to drop an issue that Moore still makes a point of whining about in every interview he does over a quarter of a century later seems a bit like playing favourites to me. Least he doesn't whine through his writing (I'm looking at you, Geoff Johns)
  13. The Hellblazer #4

    Think they should've gotten the artist who did the Future's End one-ahot from two volumes before. Tan's isn't a good fit
  14. The Hellblazer #4

    The Swamp Thing plot would be better suited to another volume for the Bog God otherwise this is just another episode of "DC bashes Alan Moore* while neutering his successors (sans Milligan) in being the caretakers of our John *aka throw the very comic that would saw the Charlton comic heroes in the very roles their expies are apart of under the bus while giving the very worst of early 90s business practices a pass because "STFU and Batman"
  15. I'll need for the WB to stop trying to make our John in a JL variant happen; It NOT happening; didn't in 2011, why now???. If you want a Dr Strange type then use Fate (ANY of them, especially the Jared Stevens version)
  16. Steve Dillon R.I.P.

    *pours Smirnoff Screwdriver out on the ground* Vale, Steve
  17. Luke Cage

    Two episodes in and Misty's actress is my new celeb crush
  18. The Hellblazer #2

    I noticed the wrinkles too. She's still our Clarice but with some kind of age like whatevertheshit going on. Now Oliver can wheel out either Dani, Angie, or Kev to round off the character return mambo and top it off with the return of Cheryl and Gemma (with Tony staying dead in this continuity). Oh, and Tefé. I mean why not since the tree tat and how John got it via Swampy's maintained so her existence is bound to pop up
  19. Preacher the movie? Televangelism!

    And folks wonder why I forever hate him for the same thing with Green Hornet; yes its a Gondry film but it reeks of Rogen's unfunny shtick all over it
  20. Supergirl flies to CBS

  21. All New Adventures of Hellblazer #1

    I be surprised if we just get Dani as the sole rep of Jenkins era for the new book should Oliver opt to bring back a past love interest.