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  1. Looks like Rogen may have been doing sneak reads from this past season Walking Dead scripts. Odin Quincannon is now Vyla Quincannon. http://deadline.com/2015/04/elizabeth-perkins-cast-preacher-pilot-amc-1201412041/ Based on what I've read on the other changes, it looks like the majority of the comic's structure may been altered too much (I.e. Keeping everything in Annville and less to none traveling)
  2. Like Sean Murphy's Critical Mass cover w/ John wearing not only his coat, shirt and tie but a vest (albeit unbuttoned)
  3. So, Snyder is indeed adapting bits of Dark Knight Returns as the basis of kicking off Justice League and the rest of his driven DCU on film...... Don't know about you guys but I want this to bomb so the WB can go back to the drawing board and just let Bruce Timm be the CCO of DC and the film creative architect of the DCCU
  4. Arrow's bad on its own and Geoff Johns' St. Barry obsessed ass is the albatross around The Flash's neck on TV as Rebirth was/is to the comic
  5. After I called her out on Twitter saying she didn't have the facts and her opinion was just that; she tried to say "Its the opinion of NBC. Reflect the energy at them". Nope. I know who I was reflecting at and surprise, surprise she retracted.
  6. Yeah. DD handed Arrow, Gotham, S.H.E.I.L.D., and The Flash their asses and can go toe to toe with The Walking Dead
  7. Ade's right on one thing: NBC should go ahead and renew to give the cancel hounds the giant fuck you they deserve
  8. Now finished the binge, this may be the only Marvel TV show, I fucks with that is superior to AOS and even Agent Carter as much as I adore seeing (and hearing since her Big Finish guest work exposed me to her) Hayley Attwood
  9. Im still pissed how far off my predictions were.
  10. Watched the first 4 episodes. I had a feeling the show would be a big game changer for Marvel nevermind Agent Carter. And I was right!
  11. Well they did have to differenate it from Affleck's '03 suit. I still hold out hope for Spidey's Web-Armpits to make its LA debut. Anyway, the series premieres in 8 hours
  12. I adore her a great deal. If we get pass the renewal hurdle, I have an actress in mind to play her for the show in future
  13. The same with City of Demons and Pandemonium: After Diggle (the ONLY things after Diggle). If not there then post somewhere between him and Mina
  14. Power Rangers RPM. GET IN GEAR!!
  15. Delano: The Family Man Ennis: Dangerous Habits Jenkins: Tossup between Critical Mass and Last Man Standing Ellis: Haunted Azzarello: Freezes Over Carey: All His Engines Mina: Empathy is the Enemy (only because it's not as poor as Red Right/Left Hand or #223) Diggle: Joyride Milligan: Suicide Bridge
  16. Ciara Renee is Hawkgirl/Kendra Saunders Arthur Darvill is Rip Hunter
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