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  1. Im still pissed how far off my predictions were.
  2. Watched the first 4 episodes. I had a feeling the show would be a big game changer for Marvel nevermind Agent Carter. And I was right!
  3. Well they did have to differenate it from Affleck's '03 suit. I still hold out hope for Spidey's Web-Armpits to make its LA debut. Anyway, the series premieres in 8 hours
  4. I adore her a great deal. If we get pass the renewal hurdle, I have an actress in mind to play her for the show in future
  5. The same with City of Demons and Pandemonium: After Diggle (the ONLY things after Diggle). If not there then post somewhere between him and Mina
  6. Power Rangers RPM. GET IN GEAR!!
  7. Delano: The Family Man Ennis: Dangerous Habits Jenkins: Tossup between Critical Mass and Last Man Standing Ellis: Haunted Azzarello: Freezes Over Carey: All His Engines Mina: Empathy is the Enemy (only because it's not as poor as Red Right/Left Hand or #223) Diggle: Joyride Milligan: Suicide Bridge
  8. Ciara Renee is Hawkgirl/Kendra Saunders Arthur Darvill is Rip Hunter
  9. Coming out next February. Look, a suit FOX gets right!
  10. Is it specified at script level or is it more of a casting thing? Script and casting
  11. That's Mad Russell* pretending to be John Contantine. *inspired by Linkara's nickname for Frank Miller's post-DKR Batman "Crazy Steve"
  12. Both the show and the hope of a EiC to tell Time Warner to take the "corporate synergy" and shove it up their asses.
  13. Too right. Tynion's pretty much make Azzarello and He Who Shant Be Named look good in comparison (and that's not saying much for all three) even before the book comes out.
  14. Or just give us Hellblazer Vol. 2 under Vertigo so the imprint regain its dignity again.
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