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  1. Delano: The Family Man Ennis: Dangerous Habits Jenkins: Tossup between Critical Mass and Last Man Standing Ellis: Haunted Azzarello: Freezes Over Carey: All His Engines Mina: Empathy is the Enemy (only because it's not as poor as Red Right/Left Hand or #223) Diggle: Joyride Milligan: Suicide Bridge
  2. Ciara Renee is Hawkgirl/Kendra Saunders Arthur Darvill is Rip Hunter
  3. Coming out next February. Look, a suit FOX gets right!
  4. Is it specified at script level or is it more of a casting thing? Script and casting
  5. That's Mad Russell* pretending to be John Contantine. *inspired by Linkara's nickname for Frank Miller's post-DKR Batman "Crazy Steve"
  6. Both the show and the hope of a EiC to tell Time Warner to take the "corporate synergy" and shove it up their asses.
  7. Too right. Tynion's pretty much make Azzarello and He Who Shant Be Named look good in comparison (and that's not saying much for all three) even before the book comes out.
  8. Or just give us Hellblazer Vol. 2 under Vertigo so the imprint regain its dignity again.
  9. Just how it started, too (#1 sales be damned)
  10. Even the 4* black ones (Fear Machine, Ennis/Collins, Carey, & Murphy)? *Yes I left out You Know Who because I already have one headache on my mind as is this week
  11. I'll just await the comments here and on FB before I consider giving the book a go. Re: new coat How Ironic that last month (though filmed three months ago) that we see Matt Ryan wear a new longer one and Rossmo decides to bring the shorter one back.
  12. Lauren German is Liv/Rachel Weitz Mk II Chloe
  13. Just the way He Who Shan't Be Named wanted it.
  14. Heh! Suprisingly, this may be the only Berlanti-DCU outfit reveal that pleases me. The one for Arsenal is almost close and The Flash cowl was spot on (before we had the misfortune of seeing the rest of it
  15. Well, then... How 'bout that first look?
  16. IKR! I only recall the said film, Melrose Place, Spin City, and the rest but not Dynasty
  17. Since we're all sniffing Keanu brand crazy glue... Return of the Swamp Thing is a superior movie to its 1982 forebearer.
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