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  1. Harsh to Seasons 1-5 maybe but 6-11? Forgetaboutit!
  2. Thank you!! He's just a prop and nothing more. Both this and the previous title suffered from the lack of strong female characters (omitting Zatanna who Milligan's JLD run reduced to a sidekick to where that and his run makes me wish he should've made like Chuck Austen and get exiled to Marvel & stay there) along with shitty material.
  3. Pretty much and that's sadly the overall target audience for a comic that's dwindling in sales much like the New52 title before it.
  4. What he said Th only positive of the issue is seeing Swampy and John together again. The bad *Rossmo *Tintin Revisited look *Oliver only exists to pander to the Tumblr babies; he's a prop that might as well fit in Milligan's run like the Ellie substitute he foisted on us: Forgettable and a waste of time. Hell, SW Manor (even as a shitty obvious Batman analogue) had something going for him. *Midnite's new look. *Plot still barebones
  5. FUCK! What the hell Rossmo do to Midnite?!
  6. Yes. Come at me Social Justice Anarchists!!
  7. Or just revive the show and let Cerone return to steer the ship . I still don't trust Berlanti and Guggenheim
  8. Then our book gets canned and readers fled from Milligan's toys despite the very tiny minority that loved that run. We'll talk about this in the Milligan thread; this is about how much a hipster damp squib the new book is
  9. Based on the shit he did to our boy, Gemma and Angie, he sure has a fucked up way of caring
  10. Given what's been going down so far, I believe it's been this way dating back to Milligan then Lemire & Fawkes early on. Who really cared about Phoebe or whatsisname from New52!Johnny #1?
  11. Ugh!! I knew it!!!. This is why the likes of the Arrow camp can't be trusted with our John
  12. Yeah, Marc Warren has been my pick for the role since his appearance in Accused. Looks a bit like Bermeijo's John
  13. Or Scot Williams. Not familiar with Williams but fuck no to Hunnam
  14. Thus why Tynion IV isn't a good wordsmith he thinks himself to be in his doing the comic's dialogue let alone the comic itself
  15. Stranger things have happen (see BET and The Game)* *Or not since BET is a quality killer
  16. Wrong. The 2005 film was/is a disgrace. The show was far more respectful than both the film and the short lived New52 monthly series
  17. As long as Cerone returns rather than Berlanti and Guggenheim New52-ing it up that is
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