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  1. 7/10 from me too. I actually wasn't expecting something big for a change like I did with last year. Kinda wish his encounter with Captain Marvel (& NO I will not call him Shazam regardless of copyright grabsies!) got removed but babysteps... I trust Oliver enough to do our boy justice and he did. Now I want Gemma back so he can treat Milligan's run like a bastard stepchild the way the Carey era ignored Azzarello's follies but of course I'm getting agead of myself
  2. Even with the aspect emphasized, those who cried about it didn't even bother to stay around for the comic to have the lifespan of New52!Teen Titans.
  3. Don't get me started on Finn: another mistake of Milligan's. The only way he would work is if he was born the same time as Tricia Chandler or just have him be a distant younger cousin from Auntie Jean's side of the family. But NOOPE! Fuck logic
  4. So, Mercury us now a grown woman or a different Mercury?
  5. Hardly slander when the charges are no more truer then and now for the latest axed comic
  6. And I've been looking at the last few issues of that title and the Future's End tie-in via viewcomic.com to get some satisfaction there than from 13 issues of meandering cat piss. Even Injustice Year Three was more John than both
  7. It's like the people writing the bisexual British boot wearer have ignored the one thing that makes him unique. Yup and they didn't care anymore than Azzarello circa 2000-2002 or Milligan who disappeared up his own ass. Even Oliver's demise left with me not giving 0 fucks since not only was he just there but his "deal" with Blythe (who's also just there) makes 0 sense.
  8. They're really are desperate to make JLD a thing faster than rekindling the thought of anyone remembering Cyborg's Super Friends inclusion from 30 years ago by shoving him into the JL when J'onn or Black Lightning are more viable
  9. He's not alone. Even I find myself realizing New52!John (Nick Necro and all save for the SyFy left overs that are the Cold Flame) wasn't all bad. Those who demanded the emphasis on sexuality got what they wanted far as representation of the bi aspect but didn't bother caring about whether a good story matteted or not. You can't harp on one and ignore the other thinking this will keep a book going; in the case of Constantine the Hellblazer, those who were happy about the emphasis didn't even bother sticking around for their rewards. That hee should tell who the real fans are and who the fakes are. Doyle and Tynion kept pandering to the fakes to where the book became a rotten chore after Milligan whether Rossmo or Foreman w/the only decent artwork* that tried to work being Del Ray's even as a two issue guest spot. That said, Bring on July so Oliver and Moritat can give our John back his coat and his balls. *SN: Anyone surprised to see Manco back in his groove with the Wacky Races: Fury Road comic compared to 2008?
  10. Can the thread title be called Thrown off the Ledge in the wake of recent developments?
  11. I'll take a good college guess as to what comes next *Some positive buzz *Pilot gets decent ratings but drops as time rolls on *Ad time for it goes into either the reality shows or CSI and Cyber *Nina Tessler takes a page from Greenblatt in dragging her feet with the rights ao a rival wont have to take the show in leading to the eventual cancellation announcement and the fall 2016 schedule. God, how off I was....
  12. HELL NO!!! Leave comics and pulps alone Rogen. You'll forever be on my shit list after the Green Hornet debacle
  13. So, it's been given a Season 2.... I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
  14. & give it back to the Vertigo imprint but sadly that's not gonna happen unless Dan DiDio leaves or dies.
  15. So, the Amazing Spider-Man 2 come Ang Lee's Hulk of 2016 then
  16. Unless he/she doesn't make the same mistakes Doyle and Tynion IV have, it's gonna be a long while
  17. I'm fine with Oliver and Moritat (especially since I loved his work on the Spirit under the First Wave banner)
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