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  1. Thus why Tynion IV isn't a good wordsmith he thinks himself to be in his doing the comic's dialogue let alone the comic itself
  2. Stranger things have happen (see BET and The Game)* *Or not since BET is a quality killer
  3. Wrong. The 2005 film was/is a disgrace. The show was far more respectful than both the film and the short lived New52 monthly series
  4. As long as Cerone returns rather than Berlanti and Guggenheim New52-ing it up that is
  5. As long as they don't trade out Fearless Leader, Blass, Boylan and the rest of the writing staff for fucking Berlanti and Guggenheim, I want to believe
  6. The art from Del Ray puts this issue at a Diggle than a Azzarello for me. I do concur with Christian about the writing having now read the previous two issues this week in concurrence with the latest one.
  7. Calvin wouldn't let one of his models tuck their strides into their boots, I suspect. Touché
  8. He made the film Chronicle pt 2 complete with him showing up to the set drugged out of his skull. Once Fox realized how wrong they were they wanted reshoots that triggered Trank lashing out leading to him getting locked out from doing the reshoots; Simon Kinberg and Hutch Parker ghost directed the reshoots as did Matthew Vaughn (specifically the 3rd act)
  9. *Opened to $2.7M Thursday; $11M Friday *Critics (save for Campea, Knowles and Faraci) are slaughering it. *Trank attempts to save his own ass playing the victim of Studio meddling. *DOA
  10. Yes, Ming. I accept you. In fact, I love you and it definitely makes up for you drawn our boy like a Calvin Klein model
  11. Just stop there and get City of Demons
  12. damn,you dug in the archives for that Nah, he just dug Moorcock. *resisting Half Man Half Biscuit reference here. And BOOM goes the dynamite
  13. He sure did a damn good job at changing it quickly as he did
  14. Sat through two episodes around Season 1 and 2 separately. Not fond up the soap antics and mischaracterizations for the expense of said soap antics
  15. If you meant the New52 cack then I say BLASPHEMY
  16. Bumping up the thread for #1's order figures: JUNE: Constantine: The Hellblazer #1 - 38,080 (#66) http://www.comichron.com/monthlycomicssales/2015/2015-06.html
  17. Nah, son. Mina was McCoy. Milligan is....*cue Dr. EVIL close up and pinky* [ Spoiler : John Hurt!! ] That's right. I went there
  18. Or just the Tynion IV/Doyle era. If Del Rey's name comes up again for the October solicitations, I'm convinced Rossmo was only contracted for just the first two issues
  19. C.M Punk writing Drax? TO THE PULL LIST!!
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