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  1. That wasn't even a trench. It's just a small ass jacket that not even Rossmo's wind blowing shots can hide it despite trying to have the breeze move it like a trench coat....smh
  2. Me neither. It's not like he's Frank Castle where he can balance both
  3. Why am I not surprised.....
  4. By the possibility of omitted Thomas and his death from the precedings for budget reasons (i.e. no London filming), it'd be pretty close to that Thomas was killed in Liverpool, not London. I was exhausted from work at the time!!!
  5. 6.00M (1.9).... http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/2016/02/02/tv-ratings-monday-feb-1-2016/
  6. By the possibility of omitted Thomas and his death from the precedings for budget reasons (i.e. no London filming), it'd be pretty close to that
  7. You just had to be right if the ratings for the pilot are any indication http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/2016/01/26/tv-ratings-monday-jan-25-2016/
  8. For once, I can proudly say, thank fuck I work 2nd shift so I won't subject myself to Bruckheimer fuckery
  9. DONE. There's no future for this cack. Neron looks like shite (as does Midnite) Still feel nothing for the cafe guy. Seriously, why noy replace Ming and James with Tom Taylor or snatch up Alex Kot back to do thic comic instead of those two??
  10. sarcasm/quick wit ? check.chain smoking ? check. skilled at manipulation and con artistry ? check . reputation for screwing people over ? check . blonde hair/trenchcoat ? check. same background with astra/mucous membrane / ravenscar ? check. makes snappy comebacks at demons and angels ? check. i'm sorry, what ? only real differences were that he didn't get to swear like a sailor and the show did kinda make him out to be too "heroic " particularly in the early eps. This is my ideal Constantine ^ well, yeah, that fan film is something i've always loved. i wished those guys'd make more already , like forrealz. since constantine is cancelled someone should just do a hellblazer fan series "Oi, guv'nor! Oi'll 'ave yer up the bum, and yer huge fookin' dawg that's tryin' to breek doon the walls o' creation and wipe out the human race an' all!" (Maybe it's just me taking a dim view of fanfic, but please God no.) it's taken almost straight out of a scene from the comics and is extremely well done IMO. Except the fan film loses point for bringing up Milligan's run
  11. Harsh to Seasons 1-5 maybe but 6-11? Forgetaboutit!
  12. Thank you!! He's just a prop and nothing more. Both this and the previous title suffered from the lack of strong female characters (omitting Zatanna who Milligan's JLD run reduced to a sidekick to where that and his run makes me wish he should've made like Chuck Austen and get exiled to Marvel & stay there) along with shitty material.
  13. Pretty much and that's sadly the overall target audience for a comic that's dwindling in sales much like the New52 title before it.
  14. What he said Th only positive of the issue is seeing Swampy and John together again. The bad *Rossmo *Tintin Revisited look *Oliver only exists to pander to the Tumblr babies; he's a prop that might as well fit in Milligan's run like the Ellie substitute he foisted on us: Forgettable and a waste of time. Hell, SW Manor (even as a shitty obvious Batman analogue) had something going for him. *Midnite's new look. *Plot still barebones
  15. FUCK! What the hell Rossmo do to Midnite?!
  16. Yes. Come at me Social Justice Anarchists!!
  17. Or just revive the show and let Cerone return to steer the ship . I still don't trust Berlanti and Guggenheim
  18. Then our book gets canned and readers fled from Milligan's toys despite the very tiny minority that loved that run. We'll talk about this in the Milligan thread; this is about how much a hipster damp squib the new book is
  19. Based on the shit he did to our boy, Gemma and Angie, he sure has a fucked up way of caring
  20. Given what's been going down so far, I believe it's been this way dating back to Milligan then Lemire & Fawkes early on. Who really cared about Phoebe or whatsisname from New52!Johnny #1?
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