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  1. The Many Moods of John Constantine! I'm Baaaaaaacccckkkk!!
  2. Bermejo rules! Bring on June!!
  3. Speaking of ghosts,why didn't Carey use Ray and Ritchie( from the Delano era)or Header and Nige instead of Straff's mom and Brendan for his final issue?
  4. He's bi-sexual, you dolts. read #51.
  5. *listining to the 1964 version of The Crying Game and screems*CAREY!!!! Wah!!
  6. Demon Chas08

    Movie talk

    The ones to blame: Scaring half of the book's readership: Azzarello(he did the same to both Batman & Superman). Rating:******* Screwing with movie goers head with such shit about John buying his way to Heaven: most of the WB execs,Akiva Goldsman(his oscar don't mean shit to me,he helped ruin Batman and yet he's still on the WB payroll),the screenwriters(downgraded John from a magician to a friggin' exorcist),Francis Lawrence(skimmed through the pages of 'Dangerous Habits' like a fucking retard) Rating:********** In the end I fear it would be the same for V for Vendetta
  7. Sounding better by the month. I think our John's in good hands.
  8. Just for the record: Jason Todd's return was/is Judd Winick's big "Fuck You"(finger and all) to those who voted for Jason to die. After checking out Batman#638, I would thought that the Joker would've end up in a coma. *sighs* Yet,Mistah J was still on his feet just in time for Bill Willingham's god awful War Crimes arc. I'll never forgive him for fucking up Leslie Tompkins. :icon_evil:
  9. What The FUCK?! And I though the Wonder Woman costume from the pre-Byrne era in the 90's was bad.
  10. Can we include Devin Grayson in this,too? Her run on Nightwing chased me away from the Bat-Titles for life.
  11. "Just a scared little boy, crying for mommy and daddy." Cold shit. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> "It'd be funny if it wasn't so pathetic. Oh, what the hell, I'll laugh anyway. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
  12. I liked it when the Joker pissed off Bats in the flashbacks.
  13. I bet Mina knows that John can't drive. Shit, I can't drive and I won't wear glasses while taking drivers' ed.
  14. Come on '06! Can't wait any longer for the arc.
  15. And just seven days after my 17th birthday!
  16. Lucky you. I kept walking out of the romm between scenes.
  17. If you looking for more of Ennis' work on the title check out #50,52-55 or #59-61 "Guys & Dolls' and that's a must-read too.
  18. Speaking of John Higgins,his John reminds me of Roger Moore(sometimes).
  19. Don't forget Rich and Michelle.
  20. Seven years in review. Love it.
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