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  1. Can we include Devin Grayson in this,too? Her run on Nightwing chased me away from the Bat-Titles for life.
  2. "Just a scared little boy, crying for mommy and daddy." Cold shit. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> "It'd be funny if it wasn't so pathetic. Oh, what the hell, I'll laugh anyway. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"
  3. I liked it when the Joker pissed off Bats in the flashbacks.
  4. I bet Mina knows that John can't drive. Shit, I can't drive and I won't wear glasses while taking drivers' ed.
  5. Come on '06! Can't wait any longer for the arc.
  6. And just seven days after my 17th birthday!
  7. Lucky you. I kept walking out of the romm between scenes.
  8. If you looking for more of Ennis' work on the title check out #50,52-55 or #59-61 "Guys & Dolls' and that's a must-read too.
  9. Speaking of John Higgins,his John reminds me of Roger Moore(sometimes).
  10. Don't forget Rich and Michelle.
  11. Seven years in review. Love it.
  12. For me it's Jenkins.plus I have a coat just like Sean Phillips' John.
  13. Yer there alright. To the upper left of Pooka and Balth - On the right side wall. "DC 08" - TB '05 <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Sweet!
  14. I wonder if my name's on it.
  15. This cover kicks ass all the way!!!
  16. Chapter 6 sums up what I think about studio execs a whole lot.
  17. 1996-Green Lanturn#81(Hal Jordan's funeral) Three years later-Nightwing#25
  18. The real reason why Manor was angry at John because he didn't love him(if Manor was a woman,things would've been more extreme than the whippings and the clock of Rasutin,etc.)
  19. He's serving as producer for the Wonder Woman movie.
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