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  1. And what of "Bad luck" Goldsman?
  2. The John and Swamp Thing pin-up looks friggin' awsome.
  3. You're joking, yes? I remind you that we have several Keanuphiles on this forum, and they're all cracking lasses. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> cracking lasses?
  4. Currently I'm fixing up me scanner.
  5. Tony Masters:I've really let meself go(see #205).
  6. Those who think his acting's any good.
  7. Or another lame Swamp Thing movie(Remember The Return Of Swamp Thing?)
  8. 2002-2004-Frusin:The Latter years.
  9. And yet, they look great in the pics.
  10. Yeah she did(especially when Abby became a stripper and John paid her a visit).
  11. 'cept Bats never had a preist for a friend.
  12. To me,the Good Intentions finale felt flat. Ashe to Dust arc felt like a water-down Azz-stlye version of The Crying Game(funny,'cuz I'm listening to the Dave Berry version).
  13. actually, the gum bit is still there... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> WHAT?! Aww. Die screenwriters of Consanteen :icon_twosgun:
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