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  1. actually, the gum bit is still there... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> WHAT?! Aww. Die screenwriters of Consanteen :icon_twosgun:
  2. I blame Francis Lawrence,but that's another topic. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> i dont think that lawrence is to blame. he had the opportunity to direct a movie, so he would be a freak if he said no or messing with wb too much. i think he tried at least to make the film visually look good. and i dont think that the film itself is to blame for bradstreets going. but if we speak about blaming the film, then i would blame the scriptwriters/producers. they were the only ones who had the possibility to make the film otherwise (and vertigo, wb and the creators a bit). <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Akiva (Batman and Robin) Goldsman is amoung the producers.
  3. I blame Francis Lawrence,but that's another topic.
  4. Damn I can see where the insperation of Rosacarnis comes from.
  5. Oh, and this is fucking gospel. Get on it, Vertigo. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> AYE!!
  6. Your covers are the greatest artwork I'v ever seen in my entire life. *sniff* And you draw THE best John Constantine.
  7. (Family Guy spoof) John:To the Hindenjohn! (Crashes a pub) Kev:Oh,Fuckin' 'ell,John!! John:Sorry,mate. Kev:'ow the bloody hell can you afford all this?
  8. I always imagine a Gaiman/McKean movie with music from Danny Elfman.
  9. As long as they don't bring in Emma Frost,I'm in.
  10. JLU kicks ass! Especially the ladies(I like Vixen. )
  11. No Covers? and where did ya find the solicitaions?
  12. Devin Grayson sucks now on Nightwing. I'd stopped reading the title after #100. So many plot holes,so little time.
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