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  1. Mine's the funniest! The First:F U.....N. Fun, that spells fun.
  2. I finally got to see it and let me tell you.....IT WAS FREAKIN' SWEET!!! :cool:
  3. Hell, I've been a Bat Freak since I was ten years old when I first read Nightwing#25.
  4. Post if you like bats!!!!! :cool:
  6. John:(after watching "Constanteen")Must.....Send.....Keanu...To Hell!
  7. John:For the last bloody time,I'm not a watcher!
  8. Mange:Why do I have to be in rabbit's bastard body?! John:Alright,Which one of you wankers stole me Silk Cut? Emma:I feel so left out these days
  9. Nigel Archer:Hi,I'm Nige and welcome to dumbasre Brendan:What,no drinks in heaven? Gemma:(channeling Phil Ken Sebben from Harvey Birdman:Attorney At Law)Ha,Ha! Dangly Parts.
  10. S.W. Manor:Why won't you love me,Fergus?! Father Sean:Oh,for fuck's sake! Stop yellin' at the damned TV,you prick! Chas:John,where's my cab? Thomas Constantine:I need a hug. Nergal:Grr,Arrgh! Angie:(on john's ex-girlfriends)So much for Talk Shows,eh? Renee: How come I get no respect from the fans? Straff:Why do I have to die? (Rocky and Bullwinkle spoof) Zatanna:Hey,John! Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat! John:Again? Zatanna:Presto(out comes Mange) Mange:Kill me,already.ya effing cow!(goes back in the hat) Zatanna:I should've lobotomized him when I had the chance. John:And now here's something we hope you really like.
  11. Now that you mention it Ellie was at John big 4-0.
  12. Papa Midnite:Does my new look make me metrosexual or a one dimentional pimp?
  13. Gemma:(pissed off)Stop comparing my to Buffy!
  14. I saw this type of threads on other message boards,so I figure we should have one. Kit:John,*sobs hysterically*I'm Gonna Have Your BABY!!! John:(running and screaming) NNNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Chas:Renee,I used to wear angora sweaters. Renee:(sobbing)Oh,Chas! And I thought you were so butch!
  15. I can only say one thing in defense: Lady Jane (don't hit me) :wacko:
  16. Isn't that cute....BUT IT'S WRONG!!!
  17. In other words Francis Lawrence is Nergal in disguise.
  18. Pardon me,for the record:Francis Lawrence is a arsehole.
  19. Crap! I forgot about Ellie!
  20. After reading the Doggy Style comment in #207 I now like Angie.
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