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  1. Emma- yeah,Clarice-yeah and eww.
  2. I've been reading a lot of the Ennis/Jenkins/Carey issues latley and I was wondering which woman was best for John Constantine? Please don't include S.W. Manor,he doesn't count and he's fucked up from the start.
  3. Does anyone have any pics of John from Swamp Thing #1vol.4?
  4. Good Intentions ,along with #92 is what got into this book.
  5. Rogan,got any pics from Fear & Loathing?
  6. Rogan,you the pics from the Good Intentions finale(part six).
  7. Frusin pics from Good Intentions finale,anyone?
  8. Anyone here have Sean's art from 'Warped Notions'?
  9. Show off Sean's work from HB#84-88
  10. Alright,Rogan.Since you don't like Simpson,nor Higgins,show me the pics from Highwater.Bring It! :ph34r:
  11. No, John pissed on the Stranger's shoes.
  12. No,it's because the public is retarded to boot. :icon_twosgun:
  13. Does anyone have the pics from the 'Highwater' story arc?
  14. But it's still good. I just wanna see the pics.
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