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  1. Better to have him on the shelf like Cassandra Cain than have the current regine continue putting its fist up our boy's carcass to keep peddling the New52 further regardless of the Convergence intermission.
  2. I posted this gif on 11/09/2012 and I'm posting it again:
  3. You know, I was looking at some of the John Higgins pages yesterday. They are much better suited to Hellblazer/Constantine than the period from Camuncoli to the 2nd year of Constantine. It bemuses me how many people get excited by Constantine meeting superheroes, so I read some of these crossover books that the kids have nowadays and they are utter shite. Ikr. Even from the Search for Swamp Thing previews from early on was a glaring red flag that the DCU of the last 13 years isnt a good environment for our boy as as DiDio and co. pigheadly thinks. If I had my way, I'd switch John out and have Ragman be part of JL: Narf. These past four years of forcing a misconception onto everyone whether its the sanitized origin to having ot contaminate 250 issue history to justify why him in the said tainted universe is better has been one big epic fail after the next. Even the CW crossovers tweets and Guggenheim trolling about John being an expert on the Lazarus Pits irk me to no end.
  4. The Revenge of the Higgins!Constantine
  5. To be fair, I've not been familar with him. I was equally squeamish about Murphy at the time of Jason Aaron's Newcastle two parter before City of Demons won me over
  6. For the sake of the entire issue it better be stronger than the 8 page preview shown. So far Im still not warming to Rossmo feeling he'd be better off doing just the covers rather than the interior.
  7. Not again!?! SONOFABITCH!!! Again, the new jacket still not working for me... At this point, I'd settle for a pea coat than this eyesore and the boots still scream Matt Smith. And since when is Mucous Membrane a fucking duo with this Veronica broad?
  8. Well then! Color me "Shut up and take my money"
  9. I re-read her run more than I ever will Milligan again save for Suicide Bridge (whilst pretending Epiphany is nowhere to be found)
  10. Plus Vankin slacking off at the time didn't do her run any favors.
  11. They shouldn't have fixed what was never broken and DiDii and co. knew damn well they can't have their cake and eat it too in having John being the go-to gimmick lighting rod for crossovers and pisspoor material
  12. Exactly albeit they didn't cast an American as Lu but the TV premise is awful as shite
  13. I'll take a good college guess as to what comes next *Some positive buzz *Pilot gets decent ratings but drops as time rolls on *Ad time for it goes into either the reality shows or CSI and Cyber *Nina Tessler takes a page from Greenblatt in dragging her feet with the rights ao a rival wont have to take the show in leading to the eventual cancellation announcement and the fall 2016 schedule.
  14. So we're all in the agreement that the New 52 husk was Kipling having a laugh tthe whole time
  15. More like hate all who stood by Vertigo as a whole to where they not only stripped the imprint of our boy and the others to render both it and Berger obsolete to where they planted an inferior editor (who participated in our comic's demise) leading books less than stellar. The triumvirate of hackneyed and fail have won and we lost....
  16. So Rossmo's out Humberto Ramos then.... Damn it
  17. If its not produced by the same duo who developed Smallville than yes.
  18. http://www.thespectrum.com/story/entertainment/2015/05/14/reasons-resurrect-constantine-netflix/27262683/
  19. Where did you find that scan? Facebook
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