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  1. If its not produced by the same duo who developed Smallville than yes.
  2. http://www.thespectrum.com/story/entertainment/2015/05/14/reasons-resurrect-constantine-netflix/27262683/
  3. Where did you find that scan? Facebook
  4. Do not care for the new short jacket unless its occasional like the leather coats or the sweater. I'd be fine with the boots if they were worn during the punk flashbacks only. Or at least have the pant leg cover then up
  5. I hope he isn't. I like this. Not many of us don't. Knowing Guggenheim he'd go to the failed New 52 version. I'd rather Ragman get fucked up instead n00b52 is kinda a pain...but some of the concepts work (like justice league dark,stupid name,good concept) .they should just hybridize it all Can't we just accept Totems as the only JL Dark we need. Plus having read Injustice Year 3 so far, I'd trade John out for Ragman.
  6. Come back, Sean Murphy leather jacket, you're forgiven!
  7. Having came from Twitter dms, there is a possible TNT discussion. Staying tuned to learn more. Also, according to insider info, Fox was interested in taking the show in but Bob Greenblatt dragged his feet regarding licensing for so long leading to last Friday's news.
  8. Not sure he will, he didn't create the characters and we're dealing with DC here. Plus Gaiman tweeted a positive reponse to the pilot having seen it himself. Then again he did write Nightmare in Silver so... He didn't say it was "Good." Just that it was a mindless fun. But then he could be Bullshitting and trying not to talk down to it. It looked like a supernatural version of Sherlock/Elementary/Castle. So while the show itself COULD turn out interesting. I know for fact they wouldn't be able to properly pull of Mike Carey's series due to the budget and being has how Lucifer has near limitless powers and had bigger fish to fry than dealing with the LAPD and solving crimes. Or Kapinos and Bruckheimer just couldn't be arsed with the idea bigger beyond their wildest imagination
  9. I hope he isn't. I like this. Not many of us don't. Knowing Guggenheim he'd go to the failed New 52 version. I'd rather Ragman get fucked up instead
  10. There are still other channels to look into. The CW wasnt going to be the be all end all option any way. There's still time between now and when the contacts expire to find our John a good home.
  11. No. As someone on facebook pointed out Guggenheim has a rep for trolling when it comes to the Arrow fanbase. This is a prime example of the trolling.
  12. I know about the solicts. I meant a sneak preview ala Sean Murphy's art when City of Demons was promoted. Still, what you said about the New 52 is spot on. Hell even that Guggenheim suggesgion about John being a expert on the Lazarus pits make me think of the horrible book in an instant.
  13. Ditto. Funny,we dont have any preview panels for it yet save for two covers
  14. Even our boy's characterization through the course of the TV series isnt that far off from, as you said, Moore's heroic incarnation as well bits of spell casting (albeit small occasions) world saver of Carey and the light show of #238 when against the Chelsea Smilers and the Spring-heeled Jack manifestation. One could say the show in its own way succeeded where both Azzarello and the New 52 pitifully failed. As for Milligan, the mmishandling got where i came to the conclusion that his John was just someone else with the Constantine name rather than the real John. Same with Kit, Gemma, and Angie. All four were unrecognizable (as well as Cheryl and Tony via flashbacks and the 1979 sequences of the Shade follies) and yet Shelly Bond allowed it (while Berger watched helplessly just as the Time Warner overlords were forcing her into leaving) just as Paul Levitz allowed DiDio to bombard the whole DCU with his asinine bias logic like the true Hollywood personality he is. I do sense some form of extension when writing our boy: *Moore and Veitch (as well as Nancy Collins and Mark Millar before he became barmy) presented a heroic side that never came back until the show which has said mixture above. *Delano- older self loathing yet still a smooth operator. Ennis presented a 20 something nature to where it became the archtype in when writing the character. Jenkins- back to acting his age more compared to Rich and company. Ellis may have been the first to retread to Ennis while calling back to Delano. Carey as you mentioned and Mina carried it on. Diggle's was still Delano!Redux as seen in his six parter for Swamp Thing
  15. Other than rob another poc character in fellow Daily Planet employee Ron Troupe of coming in the show.
  16. I'll concede that Robin Taylor Lord's Cobblepot is the only highlight of a shoddy series.
  17. aaand next time john will be met with a punch in the face...at least in that universe still though,they had great chemistry and work damn well together. constantine+batman vs anyone else= totally fuck'd and here I thought Guy Gardner had it rough with Bats.
  18. and actually,that could work.it's syfy. though it seems a little weird to call the clean version hellblazer.idk. they should probably let syfy grab it I wouldn't call ass shots in Ascension or the TV-MA Almighty Johnsons clean.
  19. I can't help but feel the shows on there are more teen orientated. Compared to Constantine in my opinion. But I guess the real issue I have with Constantine being on CW is Supernatural. Yeah and SPN been disappeared up its own backside in increased fan service (like the 200 episode, that fourth wall episode and Felicia Day) & beating the dead horse that is the same old plots to dust since they greenlit season six. Like, Bones, it'll either continue until either star finally says "FUCK IT!" finds itself going the way of Hart of Dixie since its ratings aren't what they used to be
  20. Oh, Reaper.... :-( It was too good for this bastard world
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