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  1. Show off Sean's work from HB#84-88
  2. Alright,Rogan.Since you don't like Simpson,nor Higgins,show me the pics from Highwater.Bring It! :ph34r:
  3. No, John pissed on the Stranger's shoes.
  4. No,it's because the public is retarded to boot. :icon_twosgun:
  5. Does anyone have the pics from the 'Highwater' story arc?
  6. But it's still good. I just wanna see the pics.
  7. It's time for me to judge whether or not Steve Dillon's art is good or not. Show me the best of Dillon.
  8. Does anyone have any pics from #200? I must admit, I enjoy Both Phillips and Dillon's art.
  9. Does anyone got a pic of Gary Erskine take on ol' Conjob from #144 or 145? I haven't got that issue.
  10. I always feel confused about the length of John's trench coat.Better yet,how did he get it?
  11. Caught that one by Kurt Loder as well. My respect rating for him has shot up considerably. Maybe he's too old for MTV, but the guy makes some excellent points, as well as mentioning the comic books. (Possibly a closet fan there, eh?) Also have it on VH1. com. Here's some more from the review: "Unfortunately, "Constantine" is a little too muddled and way too erratically paced (especially toward the end, where it sags woefully) to command much interest. It's a fairly expensive FX movie, and while some of the effects, as noted, are cleverly worked-up, the picture seems more often to be on CGI autopilot — the snarling fiends that creep through its fiery underworld are too cartoonish to be menacing, and one particular infernal creature — a complicated mess of writhing serpents and roiling cockroaches — is too ungainly a conception to register as anything more than run-of-the-mill computer-spawn. This is too bad, because the original material from which the movie is drawn is rich with promise. The character of John Constantine, a hard-boiled British occult investigator who does weary battle with Satan's evil, half-human minions here on Earth, was introduced in a 1985 installment of Alan Moore's groundbreaking series of "Swamp Thing" comics. He has since made his way, in a haze of cigarette smoke and bad hangovers, through more than 200 issues of his own "Hellblazer" books. " And more about his different star remark: "I've always liked Keanu Reeves. He may not have a lot of range as an actor (I know, I know), but with his throaty, confiding voice and his distinctively lagged reactions, he has a very particular screen presence. In a movie like "The Matrix," he can be perfect. But he's too guilelessly appealing to carry off the cold-bastard character of John Constantine. Even when he's icily informing Angela that her recently deceased sister is probably in Hell, being "ripped apart over and over, in screaming, brutal agony," you can't help thinking, "Hey, it's Keanu — he probably doesn't mean it the way it sounds." And then you think, "Hey, there are worse torments than that." Because you're sitting through one." Well said, Kurt. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> God bless,Loder
  12. All right,then.What about Dave McKean?
  13. I'm a newbie and started reading the title since last summer. Post pics of the artist you think kicks arse. Thanks! :cool:
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