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  1. Story so far.... *There are talks between Cerone and the CW in the wake of Amell, Sheppard,(Jim) Beaver, Morgan and Shatner offering their support and offering to guest star on the show. *Everyone on Twitter, myself included have been taking to the phones to call and email other networks to look into picki g up the show. So far Syfy has spoke to one of the troops and said they'll look into it if things with the CW dont pan out beyond the discussions.
  2. Not sure he will, he didn't create the characters and we're dealing with DC here. Plus Gaiman tweeted a positive reponse to the pilot having seen it himself. Then again he did write Nightmare in Silver so...
  3. Pretty much. Here, it looks like they ripped off Manny on the idea alone
  4. yes,sociopath was the word.that particular john,i found myself wanting to harm Yeeeah that John was creepy as fuck. Like him just walking into a bingo night with some prostitute he found on the block and being a giant creepy prick on purpose was odd as shit. And then the whole thing with Manor was even more underhanded even for John. I compare this John with Frank Miller's "Goddamn" Batman. I compare Milligan's John to Miller!Bats or as Linkara calls him "Crazy Steve".
  5. Pretty sure Wizard's not based on our John and I still remember the episode 23 years on
  6. LMAO @ the few commenters on the YT link saying this sideshow might be better than Constantine. Some people are in dire need of lobotomies
  7. Ikr. Bruckheimer is just as mismatched for a comic book show as Aaron Spelling was for producing Lucille Ball's final sitcom from 29 years earlier.
  8. Then there's Milligan having John take money from a Tory to fuck over a socialist. Looking back on that two panel flashback, it was the first sign of what's horribly wrong with him helming the book
  9. That's prerty much what I meant. It IS a none issue and Dani is my fav out of the five girlfriends of the series
  10. aww,that is cute... so...nobody said anything about conjob having a black(mixed race but looks like black person with blue eyes) child? seriously??? where's the racism,guys? isn't this wrong? he's like white,white,whiter than white ,white guy...and a brown skinned,very black looking lady spawned his offspring? no one's noticing this... [obvious troll] See Dani (from Jenkins' run) and Dolly (Bad Blood)
  11. Doesn't exist nor does the New52 & Milligan's. Court's adjourned! *bangs gavel and jumps out the window*
  12. RE: SPN- I can't see how since the most glaring one of all is Cas' attire (and that got changed in the wake of the show being developed when SPN was in Season 9). Since Cas and season 5, it disappeared up its own backside as far as Cas becoming a god, Leviathans, more fangirl pandering, Crowley overstaying his welcome, "DeanMon" (which isn't remotely the same as Demon Constantine)
  13. It has to be done in a natural manner like the pre-Vertigo years (85-92). Otherwise it'll come out like The New 52 and Search for Swamp Thing in terms of forced and hackneyed Yeah! Also, I have this fantasy where there's this big storyline that involves the crisis, cosmos, mystics, and John. Almost everyone in DC is involved. It's going to be in a Venture Bros-like style, and this is the theme song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8WblP-uRQ_U&index=2&list=PLAA0F85E2694C79F4 Of course, from the Venture Bros. ost I'm not sure why I needed to share this, but I think I should have. Does this idea sound cringy to you? nah,it's pure awesome Haha thanks ;) Though, if I wanted a story that involves John Constantine consulting with superheroes I want Twilight of the Superheroes. Why did Alan Moore never have it done??? Because DC began pissing him off
  14. To be fair he did it the same way in the original story. Still, you get it. I wish those on Twitter, LiveJournal and Tumblr who kept crying bi-erasure understood instead of citing DaVinci's Demons (& their disdain for Goyer) as why they haven't given the show a chance
  15. You mean the Milligan bible that never came to pass because the book ended at #250? *taps nose*
  16. I think they would feel icky when they found out how much anti-government Hellblazer is with Britain. Or would they. Hell, they got away with showing Torchwood making UNIT into a Bush-Blair military analogue come punching bag, they can get away with the show getting political in some respects like the comic. I can easily see #3 being adapted most faithfully
  17. It has to be done in a natural manner like the pre-Vertigo years (85-92). Otherwise it'll come out like The New 52 and Search for Swamp Thing in terms of forced and hackneyed
  18. Better yet just kill off Supernatural already. yes supernatural should have ended with season five...that's when i stopped watchung.in fact,i heard it was intended to end with season five It only retained any interesting story during season 6 with Castiel pulling a John Constantine type lie behind everyone's back, but after that, the series got stale with the only thing keeping it going being the pretty boys and destiel. and Crowley. Even having Buckner involed in production is liable to kill it stone dead with his shit writing and other crimes (see True Blood)
  19. "Homosexuality bad. Child molestation and policing women's reproductive rights good!" Signed, The Retarded Right
  20. actually,much as I wanna trash nu52 i still would pay to see nick necro having his way with john while zatanna watches...waste of perfectly good fan (dis) service .not in this life time though Oh, hell that's even worse and that's still New 52 slope
  21. I see Amell and Sheppard are drumming up the support to save our boy on Twitter
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